100 WW ~ Combat ready #100ww

“This is what’s wrong with today’s military” Lieutenant Vrill gasped. “NO communication. Then WE get screwed” Vrill was correct in his current observation. His platoon of trained commandos were the best there was. Their orders were to do reconnaissance for the eventual attack.  “Sir?” Private Krill  forced out. “I don’t think they predicted-Vrill shook angrily in place “PREDICTED WHAT, PRIVATE?” Krill nervously answered, “Well,..how could anyone predict that we would land on our backs when we left the ship?” Vrill shook even more yelling back “SHADDUP, PRIVATE!” as the five alien soldiers remained unable to get up in a combat position.

(100 words)


This was written for the 100 WW prompt from, Bikurgurl. For rules please refer here. 

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