FOWC with Fandago ~ Pleasing Ginger #FOWC

Sydney and Ginger were always fighting on the set. Usually, it ended in one of them storming off in some furious mood not wanting to deal with the other at all. Today’s display was your typical, often repeated “I refuse to do that scene” argument. They both shared quite a history together, having worked on over forty adult films. Sydney was the creative force behind the camera while Ginger was always the star attraction.

“But, baby it’s an important part of the movie. It’s when Princess Dumee takes over the kingdom of the three planets by pleasing all three kings” Sydney pleaded with Ginger, as he followed her frantically past other sets filming their own separate productions.

“You must think I’m some kind of idiot, Sydney. We’ve been over this before. I only do one-on-one scenes. I ain’t going with three guys at one time.” Ginger snapped as she turned to confront Sydney. She stood up straight, lifted her chin up and proclaimed. “I am a serious actress and I only work with other serious actors!”

Sydney stepped towards her. He knew she had to be calmed down. Usually, when they argued and depending on who started it, Sydney would shake some new jewelry at Ginger or She would shake her fake breasts at him. Both of these methods always proved to be effective in ending all conflicts. But this time, Sydney had never seen her this upset.

“Honeybee, I know you’re not an idiot.” He took off his signature over-sized sunglasses. “And I know you’re a serious actress. Why, I would put you in a scene right alongside Brando, DeNiro and Nicholson!”

Ginger smiled at Sydney, her face now glowing with confidence. “Why didn’t you tell me from the beginning that those are the guys in the scene? Come on, lets go do this. I’ve always wanted to meet those LEGENDS!”  She walked proudly back to the set, already stripping off her clothes.

Sydney stood there for a moment, just watching her. Of course, those weren’t the REAL acting who would be filming the scene with Ginger. He simply didn’t have the heart to tell her the truth after he saw that gleam in her eye. He couldn’t never hurt the feelings of the woman he loved and married.



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