FOWC / July Writing ~The Refined Dead #FOWC #Julywriting

Doctor Stein gazed upon the four friends he had made

The ones sewn together after looting their graves

He wanted some companions, it was as simple as that

Ones to spend time with and have a chitchat

He threw a big switch to make them alive

Finally hoping for players on his lonely game night

Words begin groaning from these once comatose skulls

But, unfortunately their dialogue was incredibly dull

They also lacked manners, politeness and freewill

Being dead had erased all their past, social skills

Something needed to be done with these classless horrors

Then the doctor remembered a charm school with high honors

After attending a class of fine etiquette training

The undead quartet were now gracefully behaving

These patchwork pals just needed a proper education

Making Doctor Stein now pleased to hang out with his civilized creations


July Writing Prompts – Cultured creations – Day 11/31 and Fandago’s FOWC prompt~ “Alive”

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