Daily prompt ~Who’s the Doctor here? #THWS

   Today’s prompt from The haunted wordsmith was to pick your favorite song. I decided to “spring-off” of that idea. I attempted to write a coherent short-fiction piece utilizing song lyrics from “THE WHO”. It really was fun writing this and the finished story is just so silly-but,it makes sense.

___________________________________________________________________________________________     As I walked through the hospital door, a nurse quickly approached me.
“Who are you?” She asked.
“They call me the seeker, but my name is Tommy and I’m feeling a bit ill. Everyday I take this bus, but this morning as soon as I got on-I had to vomit in the park. I don’t have a fever yet, there’s other symptoms that I can’t explain”.  The nurse took my arm and led me into to an examination room. “Have a seat on the table, Dr. Jimmy is currently mobile but will be with you shortly”. She then left me alone.  The door swung open.  A man dressed in a silver sparkled glittering gown entered. I looked at him and asked “Oh come on and tell me who are you? Are you a Doctor??” 
    He smiled back,  “No, I’m a substitute for the other guy. Are you the one with the stutter?”
   I shook my my head “No” and was starting to get upset.
    The Doctor then raised his hands, “Oh, you must be Happy Jack!”
     I stood up in anger, yelling back at this supposed “Doctor”.
   “Look, I’ve had enough! I could have gone anywhere, anyway, anyhow I choose! But, I came here to this clinic. Now, I know you deceived me well here’s a surprise..I know you’re a just a fake!”   
     The strange looking Doctor stepped back. “Now, now..this is no social crisis. I just wanted to fiddle about”.
     I jumped off the table, pushed this weirdo out of the way and yelled back at him, “OH NO YOU DON’T! This happened to me once before and I WON’T BE FOOLED AGAIN!”  I exited the hospital thinking that out here in the fields anything could happen.


This piece was inspired by The Haunted Wordsmith’s Daily prompt – song challenge


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