SoCS/ WWP/ Friday Fictioneers ~Wonderfully Blinded

It was a joy for Karen to watch her daughter, Rosy spin around playing ‘pin the tail on the donkey’.  “Look at her” Karen said to James. “She’s having so much fun with that game”.
“Yes, she is easy to please. But, her birthday party was yesterday.   Don’t you think we should take that thing down?”
Karen stared back at her daughter, who was in bliss with some colored pieces of paper. “No..let her enjoy it, while she still can.”
Karen smiled knowing that simple childhood joys fade away far too fast.

(92 words)


Written for the following prompts- Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday “Rosy”, Sammiscribbles Weekend Writing prompt “Spin” and The Friday fictioneers photo prompt.


8 thoughts on “SoCS/ WWP/ Friday Fictioneers ~Wonderfully Blinded

  1. A perfect combination of prompts! Yes, please, let a child be a child as long as possible. Adulthood looms, and it seems endless at times.

    That sounded bleak. Didn’t mean it to be. Actually, I wouldn’t go back, and I’ve had a wonderful, blessed life with many bumps along the way. It’s just that I think we push our youngsters into adulthood way too fast these days.

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