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The pride of the BlueJay bus lines during the seventies, Bus 471 successfully did numerous trips between Boston and New York for a decade. On April 3rd 1974, driver Gus Kramer started such a commute with a load of thirty passengers.
It was raining hard but, Gus wasn’t intimidated. However, Bus 471 never arrived that day at its destination. Police located it parked in the grass, completely empty of people. Luggage and personal belongings were onboard, but nothing else. Forty years later, it sits there as a shrine to Gus and all his passengers who still have not been found.

(100 words)


Written for this week’s 100 Word Wednesday prompt from Bikurgurl.

Celluloid ~Twittering Tales #138~ #Twittering


He discarded the last piece of latex skin into the garbage and the monsters disappeared again. This one was burned alive by kids, a nasty death. It was always sad discarding his “babies”.  But, he also knows that they’ll live forever having been caught on dark celluloid to fulfill one’s nightmares.

(291 characters)


Written for Kat Myrman’s Twittering Tales #138.


FOWC ~ Views together #FOWC #THWS


Do you really want to know what I see?

Be leery of your quest in wanting to truly know me

This world is a much darker place through my filtered vision

I will regardless continue to honor your wanted decision

You see mutual lovers embrace on warm Autumn days

To me, one is planning murder due to their torrid jealous ways

A nurturing home is why you think families stay inside

But, they could be instead blood suckers who wait till dark to arise

You talk of children who you watch innocently play on their own

I instead think that their parents have been tied up to suffer alone

Our seperate minds wander down such opposite directions

Yet, we are together in love enjoying our wonderful connection


Written for Fandago’s FOWC prompt “Jealous” and The Haunted Wordsmith’s opposites attract challenge


SoCS/ WWP/ Friday Fictioneers ~Wonderfully Blinded


It was a joy for Karen to watch her daughter, Rosy spin around playing ‘pin the tail on the donkey’.  “Look at her” Karen said to James. “She’s having so much fun with that game”.
“Yes, she is easy to please. But, her birthday party was yesterday.   Don’t you think we should take that thing down?”
Karen stared back at her daughter, who was in bliss with some colored pieces of paper. “No..let her enjoy it, while she still can.”
Karen smiled knowing that simple childhood joys fade away far too fast.

(92 words)


Written for the following prompts- Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday “Rosy”, Sammiscribbles Weekend Writing prompt “Spin” and The Friday fictioneers photo prompt.


#May Writing ~The Plunger Games


The world that you know will no longer be yours
This alternate reality has people’s status now blurred

No longer revered are social media whores
Destinies now controlled by those doing manual chores

Your icons in power are now blue-collar beings
The ones who slaved hard for your life’s simple things

Ditch-diggers, waitresses and local electricians
Bricklayers and maids now make the world’s decisions

But, there’s  one occupation that rules over all the rest
A job where they’re actions have been labeled the best

The nominated president from this particular career
Is chosen to lead everyone for the next four to ten years

No democracy allowed voting for this leader’s rise to fame 
They were merely a plumber who survived the dreaded plunger games


May Writing Prompts – The Plunger games – Day 

Finish the Story – The Recruit – Part 9 #fts #THWS



Part 9 by John at The Magic Shop

“NO! I’ve had ENOUGH.” Adam snapped at the two uniformed soldiers.

“I want answers and I want them NOW. You have been giving me the run-arou…

Adam felt something sharp pierce the back of his neck. He felt his world being turned upside down, before hitting the linoleum floor and blacking out.

A large metal fan was spinning directly above Adam’s head as he slowly opened his eyes. He woke up on top of a king-sized bed, soaked in a pool of sweat. His head was still groggy as he pushed himself up on his arms and looked around wherever his new surroundings were. He was now in a dimly-lit hotel room decorated in earth-tones and tree decor. A slim beam of sunlight shot out from behind the mauve curtains. Wherever he was, it was daytime. He staggered off the bed and spotted something laying on the dresser next to an ashtray.

“Thank you for staying at THE MONTANA LODGE. We hope you generously appreciate the services of our staff”.

It was a gratuity envelope. Adam had seen them before, growing up with his Dad. When they were on the run.

“Yeah, here’s my tip..Tell me where the Hell I am”. Adam thought, still trying to clear the fog out of his head. He knew he had to pull himself together, figure this out. A plan, he needed a plan. Before he could even come up with the first part of his escape, someone started knocking on the room’s door from outside.

A slow, steady knock of a hand that sounded big…….

I am tagging Dorinda Duclos, Night-Owl poetry to tell us “who is knocking on that door?”


Presumed Guilty ~ #MayWriting #FFFC


Academic angel respected in a parent’s town

Enlightened youths in the classroom battleground

Years of recognition then soiled by one claim

A change of opnion brings unwanted fame

Familiar mentors now examine and spy

They now question this one’s once accepted life

Fluid rumors betray obstructing whats true

Presumed guilty by prejudice ignorantly brewed

Civility buried as violence is thrown

Like Salem justice where justice was not known

A now broken house is forced for sale

All because of a one student’s false, fabricated tale


Inspired by Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #14 and May Writing Prompts – Presumed Guilty – Day 20/31

Sunday Writing Prompt ~ Untitled Masterpiece


“FANTASTIC!” proclaimed Avi LeBline.

“The feelings it portrays, how people rise up and fall within the totataliarian confines of society..the colors and strokes…all so beautifully portrayed in this”

The “this” that noted art critic Avi LeBline was raving about was Westfield Galleries latest painting acquisition. Simply entitled “This is mine.” The painting was done by a relative newcomer to the abstract art world, one Mr. Oscar Malone. His painting had been seen by some recent employers of his and they in turn helped get Mr. Malone’s work to be put on display.

“This man is a genius, So much attention to detail and such raw passion!” Avi had a small group of followers standing by him (like he always does), mesmerized by his words within every critique. His opnions on paintings were known to make or break the career of an artist.

“Where is Mr. Malone? I simply must speak with the genious behind this masterpiece”. Avi and his entourage looked around the gallery, finalling spotting Mr. Malone walking towards them. The group started to applaud as he stepped up to them, embarassing Mr. Malone a bit.

“My dear fellow, You have taken my breath away with this piece! Please take us in your mind, tell us your inspiration for such mastery.” Avi turned to look at the piece once again, in awe.

Mr. Malone looked around at the small group now paying full attention to his every word.

“Oh, this?” Malone said as he pointed up to his artwork.

“Well, I got the idea for this after the sausage sandwich I had for lunch last week. See, I own my own paintin’ business. Me and my partner were working on the insides of these new offices downtown and we started arguing over can belch the loudest. Next thing ya know, we started throwing paint at each other…”


Inspired by the Sunday Writing Prompt from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie and The Haunted Wordsmith’s #19 genre writing prompt. (comedy)

SoCS ~ A Good Sign #weekend-writing-prompt #SoCS


Wonderfully, Peggy found her dream man
A restaurant chef simply named Stan
She was hesitant about this particular guy
He wasn’t her compatible Zodiac sign
But, Horoscopes are not always guaranteed
He was her perfect match who also made great Mac and Cheese

(43 words)


Written using the following prompts – Linda G. Hills SoCS for 5/18, Sammiscribles Weekend Writing prompt and The Haunted Wordsmith’s Daily Prompt “Mac and Cheese”.

May Writing Prompts ~Anne of Gruesome Gables #MayWriting


Come closer dear listener if you feel you are able, to at last hear the truth about Anne of gruesome gables

No, not that one story involving Polly-Ann and her sister Mable
That one is all false and often mislabeled

Its also not the tale which begat the film starring Clark Gable, Nor is it that farce about newlyweds Nick and Hazel

I’ve made us some tea it’s over here on the table
Now, sit down with me as I state all the facts of this often confused fable


May Writing Prompts – Anne of Gruesome Gables – Day 17/31


May Writing ~ A Long History of Nearly Nothing – #MayWriting


You rarely notice me being this inanimate thing

Yet, I’ve witnessed so much despite what you think

I was here when you only grunted among savage clans

Then watched you evolve into using tools with your hands

Your industrial age’s birth was incredible to behold

I silently observed as you built up this world that we know

My long history of nearly nothing may appear to be not exciting

But, from my endless perspective it was incredibly enlightening


Written for the May Writing Prompts – A Long History of Nearly Nothing – Day 15/31

May Writing – Clara’s fruit of choice – #MayWriting


Aunt Clara chose once again some great dishes to prepare

Her family would soon enjoy yet another delicious affair

Before the first course, all bowed down their heads in blessings

Then Clara served out the salad covered in her own Raspberry dressing

Those delightful greens tantalized everyone with each little leafy bit

Which was then followed up by Clara’s Raspberry soup which was just exquisite

If these entrees weren’t enough to satisfy all the kin

Clara then brought out her Raspberry pot-roast for everyone to dig-in

Multiple side dishes like Raspberry stuffing and Raspberry surprise

Proved that old theory that a stomach is always smaller than one’s hungry eyes

When this buffet finished stuffing everyone in gluttonous prosperity

It was time for desserts that were Clara’s absolute specialty

Everyone knew of Clara’s tarts always filled with her favorite fruit

Yet, when she brought out this fresh batch they clearly were substitutes

“Not all tarts are Raspberry” Clara announced to the family with a pout

“I made you a Raspberry flavored meal and I simply ran out”



Written for the May Writing Prompts – Not All Tarts are Raspberry – Day 14/31 and The Haunted Wordsmith’s setting challenge – family dinner