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A notebook and a pen never looked so good to Amanda Wells right now. She hated them both in high school, reminders of long days filled with constant note-taking and late nights loaded with excessive homework. But, now they were like a pirate’s treasure just dug up on a dessert island. It was important for her to get the story down by hand, that is if anyone normal was even left to read it. She checked out the area, ran over and picked up both items quickly.  She then headed for the nearest hidden place to start writing.

“My name is Amanda Wells. I’m seventeen and probably the last one left alive in my town to write about this.  I can’t say much right now. This is a warning. Whatever you do, DON’T DOWNLOAD THE APP, “FRIENDME2″. Your phone takes over your brain. You become something… weird. I can’t explain now, JUST DON’T DOWNLOAD IT”.

She looked over her shoulder, out from behind the ‘ALL DA TIME” convenience store. It was nighttime and no one was around. Still, Amanda felt uneasy about these  particular surroundings. She closed the notebook and started to run out into the darkness, hoping she wouldn’t be seen by her closest friends. The ones that she had known since the first grade but, were now completely devoid of any humanity and controlled by something sinister.


Written for The Haunted Wordsmith’s Genre Writing Challenge 16 prompt