Quality Issue: Genre Writing Challenge #25~#epistolary fiction #



March 20, 1974

Dear Mr. Stillson,

We recently received a complaint from Richard Daily, a sales representative from our east coast division. Mr. Daily claims that on a recent visit to your office, a Miss Doris Berg assaulted him with various office supplies. Apparently, Miss Berg was “outraged” over the quality of our newest model of typewriter.

Thomson office equipment has been the leading supplier of quality typewriters for over eighty years. We pride ourselves on the workmanship that goes into every product and find these claims of the quality of our latest typewriter to be unsubbscated.

Our partnership with your firm has been long and successful. It would be most unfortunate if we were to drop you as a client should this matter not be addressed.

We cannot have our loyal associates assaulted in any way by anyone connected with your agency.

Please advise us of whatever disciplinary actions are being taken against Miss. Berg. We want this matter settled before any legal actions are taken.


Franklin J. Thomson, President and CEO, Thomson Office Equipment

March 23, 1974

Dear Mr. Thomson,

As I am well aware of the incident that happened at my office between Miss Berg and Mr. Daily, I would hardly call it an “assault”. She merely verbally accosted him about the quality of your latest typewriter.

Regardless, Miss Berg was in the wrong and I will address this with her directly. As far as any disciplinary actions against her, I will only do so if you are dissatisfied with the formal apology that I will have Miss Berg herself send to you.

Thank you for contacting me on this matter. Miss Berg’s correspondence will arrive in your office within the next few days.


Jack Stillson, Stillson Accounting agency.

March 27, 1974

Dea M Thom on,

It i with my ince ent intent, to give you my deepe t apologie . I t uly meant no di re pect to M . Daily. I wa f u t ated about not being able to d aft a lette fo Mr. chone . The ” ” and ” ” do not wo k on you late te t typew ite . It i quite tre ful fo a ec eta y to not do he job. I t uly hope M .Daily wa not ha med in any way by my e atic behaviou . I hope you find thi apology to be to you ati faction in eading it a it s wa in typing it.


Do is Be g

March 28, 1974

Dear Mr. Stillson,

Upon reading the letter from Miss. Berg, we will no longer be pursuing this matter any further. Additionally, there is no need to enforce any disciplinary actions aganst Miss Berg. We will be recalling our latest model of typewriter for “quality issues”. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.


Franklin J. Thomson, President and CEO, Thomson Ofiice Equipment

Written for The Haunted Wordsmith’s Genre Writing #25 prompt