Flash Fiction Challenge -The Winning Prize~ #Fandago #FOWC #99-word-fiction

It didn’t really matter to Warden Jonas who won the fight. As long as he got himself a good show and one less prisoner to feed, that’s all he cared about. Things got dull out here at the Arizona prison camp.  Ain’t nothing but heat and snakes.  This contest between two thirsty men was the only excitement. Jonas would pick two men, throw them in a hot box for a week and then let them at each other’s throats. Damn fools would kill each other for the winning prize.  Some extra paltry meal rations and a bucket of cold water.

(99 words)

Inspired by Charli’s 99 – word fiction prompt for March 21 and Fandago’s FOWC prompt -“Paltry”



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