Genre Challenge #8~Calhoun’s last kill #daily-prompt, #genre-writing


It had gotten to the point in Will Calhoun’s life where bloodshed was all he knew.  He had been hired so many times as a gunslinger, that his world had just become one death after another. The guilt he once had about killing any man, no longer existed within him. People needed to be dead and he got paid to make that happen. It was an alright life for a man who was quick with his hands. Then,  it all just went wrong one day.

He had been hired by a Sheriff Haley over in Carson city to protect the townsfolk from a possible visit from a bad man. An upstart snake of a man known by the name of Blackburn Hennessy.  An hombre that was known for occasionally riding into different towns and causing all kinds of mischief.  At least, that’s what the stories were that preceded him.  Sheriff Haley was a big man,  but that little tin star can only give a man so much power.  Eventually, a lawman has to be able to back up his given title. Calhoun himself had developed quite a reputation in these parts and when he stopped in Carson for some Whiskey at their saloon, the sheriff hired him on the spot to “take care of Blackburn”. It wasn’t even a day later that Calhoun took out Blackburn as soon he rode into town during the night.  He did it with one shot, right through the heart.  Blackburn didn’t even get a chance to speak out his last words before dying.

The next morning, people all over town were whispering about the death of Blackburn Bill. Calhoun unfortunately overheard some fellas talking about how Blackburn was actually hired to come kill Sheriff Haley, who had been a ruthless tyrant to all the townspeople.  Apparently, Calhoun had been swindled.  He killed a good man who was there to kill a corrupt and lecherous sheriff.

Calhoun got on his horse and rode out-of-town.  He came here, up to the mountains and breathed in the clean air.  Things were purer up here, helped a man think about his role in the world.  He looked out at the desert landscape made by God himself and realized how little a role a man plays in this world when all he only knows is one thing.

Calhoun took out his colt. 45 and made sure it was loaded.  His gut told him it was time to stop the killing. It was time to start being a better man.  All the violence of ending lives for a sawbuck would come to a stop…but, not today.  He turned his horse around and headed back to Carson city to become their new sheriff.  The town was going to be needing a new one soon, once Will Calhoun was done speaking with Sheriff Haley.

Written for The Haunted Wordsmith’s prompt- Genre Challenge #8.



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