The Current Hell~#FFFC #flash-fiction #themagicshop


I remembered it all suddenly like a flash. Bits and pieces returned to my mind, or whatever this is where my consciousness now lives. A friendly neighbor had invited me over to his house across my street. I went seeking friendship in a new town. We sat in his study and had tea. My life as I knew it before ended as I saw the bottom of the mug that was filled with drugs.

My next conscious thought was erratic and jumbled. I no longer felt myself breathing or any of my extremities. I was formless and chaotic. As best as can define it, I was no longer human. The man who gave me tea, turned out to be a scientist. He transformed my corporal form into a mass of pure electricity. I now floated inside a biosphere of his creation, fluctuating constantly. I was strong, powerful and able to control limitless types of devices.

Yet, it was pure unfiltered Hell.

I yearned for all of life’s experiences. The warm touch of a woman’s hand. Feeling my heart race from the adrenalin of exciting events.  An inhaling of God’s air on a spring day. The laughter that I shared with friends and family.  A shedding of tears at a moments notice of something sad or poignant. My humanity was taken from me, but not my soul. A soul that still felt loss, passion and pure anger. The man I once was vowed to reclaim his humanity and have vengeance on the one who did this to him.

I wait for the scientist to be away from his lab for a few hours. I dissipate my form into the machines that fill up his workshop. Slowly, I construct a new body using whatever scraps are lying about. I specifically make sure I have a plug as part of my new form. It’s small and fragile but, I can physically move around the room now. I had to move fast, before He returned and discovered my intent.

As I prepare to plug myself in, the door swings open. It’s him-the scientist. I push my plug into the wall socket knowing that I can freely leave this place and escape out into the vast infinite world of electricity to seek help. My will to regain my humanity charging through currents at the speed of light and with the force of the human spirit.


Written for Fandago’s Flash Fiction Challenge #2