Twittering Tales – 500 beds #twittering-tales #themagicshop

She thoughtlessly made these beds, one after another. It was for her kids, that’s all that mattered.  A second job at this hotel meant a better future for them. She would work through the arthritis in her knees hoping her family may someday be able to afford a room like this.

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Written for this week’s Twitter Tales prompt from Kat Myrman. Photo credit: Jay Mantri


One thought on “Twittering Tales – 500 beds #twittering-tales #themagicshop

  1. The love of a mother. Such a heartwarming, heart wrenching story. I learned the art of hotel bed making when I was a trainer years ago. The hotel had a strict policy that housekeeping staff master the art of expedient (time is money) room sweeps. Twenty minutes clean and freshened from top to bottom. Some rooms were easy to tackle in the allotted time, but some rooms not so much! It is hard, honest work. I have much respect for those who serve us by feeding us and cleaning up behind us. It is often a thankless job.

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