Crazy Babe~#FFFC, #Humor, #themagicshop

To be honest with you, she’s really a pain in the ass. You probably think differently. You look at her as some hot looking  babe who might be great in bed.  Yeah, I know how all you uprights think.  Most of you think with your crotches first. The problem that I have with her is that, its four in the morning and she’s playing that damn flute again. This has been going on daily now for three and half weeks.  She had showed up a month ago, wearing some nasty looking shower curtain and no shoes. Who does this? Have you ever walked in a forest with bare feet?  There’s all kinds of nasty stuff down here.  Anyway, she stepped out into this clearing and takes out this flute.  Alright, I’ll admit it-the music, at first was nice. BUT, NOW ITS DRIVING US GOATS CRAZY!

You don’t think its a big deal? Fine…how about I visit your bedroom tonight say, around 3 AM and start playing some frigging wind instrument right in your face. Maybe then you’ll know the living Hell that us goats are going through with this crazy babe in the forest.


For Fandago’s new Flash Fiction Challenge

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