Wrong Promo~#SoCS 2/16 #poetry, #themagicshop


Promoter Frank Knoles realized too late what he hadn’t done right

As to why a new act flopped on opening night

Frank had been in showbiz for close to thirty-five years

“Knoles has a nose for talent”, his reputation from peers

Gonzaldo the great and Miss Edna’s trained mice were a few of his clients

Minor successes in their own ways, just not box office giants

This new performer he premiered was a large strongman from Brussels

Piotr Yawnvergerschueder and his magnificent muscles

It’s not that his act was lousy or without flair

It’s just that the theatre was empty with nobody there

Frank realized his mistake in one starling notion

He had shortened Piotr’s name for easier promotion

It’s always a hard sell to get people in seeing a new artist perform

Especially a talent that’s been billed poorly as “THE BIG YAWN”


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