Scott’s Valentines~#Valentinesday #themagicshop #shortfiction



Christine was driving over to her Parent’s house in a furious state of mind.   She had just walked out on her boyfriend of two months, Scott.  He wasn’t a total loser but, his final insult of her value to him an hour earlier was the final straw.  He was a man of frugality, never wanting to spend any exuberant amount of  money on any of their dates.  Scott always claimed to be “great with a budget”, a trait that Christine actually admired in his personality.  She was never good at finances herself, often finding her checking account slightly overdrawn.

However, there is a difference between being “financially astute” and just being downright “cheap”.  It was the realization that Scott was the latter that finally pushed Christine out the door.

Valentine’s day came and with it Scott went surprisingly overboard earlier with the gifts. Christine was shocked to receive multiple stuffed animals, various boxes of chocolates and at least five huge metallic balloons.  This was highly unlike Scott to spend this kind of money on her.

Christine had come over to Scott’s place right after work and was greeted at the door by Scott holding a giant teddy bear.  She entered his apartment and gasped at the generous pile of gifts he had for her on his coffee table.

Twenty three minutes later, Christine had stormed out through Scott’s front door in total disgust.  She got in her car and started driving over to her folk’s house.

It wasn’t that the abundance of gifts weren’t wanted or welcomed.  Scott just decided to give them to Christine the day after Valentines day.  He purposely waited for all the merchandise to be discounted.  Upon admitting this to her, Christine dumped Scott right there in his living room.  She did grab one small heart-shaped box of candy on her way out the door, always being fond of dark chocolates-no matter what the price.