Remorse~#FOWC #WOTD #shortfiction


Really, murdering a guy was as easy as snuffing out a cigarette in Sebastian Alozar’s mind. He had no guilt for the ones he had killed before and he would sleep like a baby later after taking care this latest assignment. Mr. Albert Schmidt, an accountant for the Colette institute of research, had discovered some ill-gotten funds while checking some old financial ledgers. He was planning on going to the feds, if he was threatened in any way. The truth of the matter was, Albert was going “rat out” to the feds no matter what. He was a mouse of a man who often would jump at his own shadow. A call was made to Sebastian from his “superiors” and he would soon take care of things for a nice chunk of change. He knew where Schmidt be tonight, having his usual bowl of New England clam chowder at Spenser’s diner on the corner. All Sebastian had to do was wait outside in the parking lot and make it clean. One shot to Schmidt’s head and it would be done. The innate feeling of remorse over murder that is within most people, would be completely absent in the soulless body of Sebastian Alozar. He would do the job he worked hard at  and then head home to the loving embrace of his wife and their three small children.