Blogmas, Day 20 – Ruining Christmas~ #Christmas #Love #Blogmas


Joe’s big holiday plans would be quite different this year

He would ruin the family Christmas party that was soon drawing near

Motivation was easy for this quite decent chap

For you see, his last six months were filled with unforeseen crap

First thing that happened was his car had been stolen

Then an infected wisdom tooth caused his face to get swollen

New financial debts incurred after losing his job

His girlfriend then left him for a surgeon named Bob

Now, December was here and with it the day he was dreading

That big family shindig in which he was made to feel guilty into attending

To see people happy and filled with such glee

Was just too much to witness during his own misery

There was only one way he would get through this horrid event

He conspired to get drunk making his life easy to forget

The day was now here for the big get together

Everyone had arrived, some wearing holiday sweaters

Uncles and Aunts with cousins galore

Nieces and nephews along with about fifty more

Joe felt himself falling into that sad state of blues

He began to walk towards the bar to create his amnesia with  booze

As he was walking, hugs and comfort came from all family members

Their genuine love gave him something new  to remember

Christmas was not about his own misery

It was about the love and support that you get from family

Joe went on to have fun being sober and staying dry

Even meeting his cousin’s single friend who had been invited to stop by

They both liked each other right from the start

Making Joe even happier his original plan fell apart