The Miracle of Gift Cards~#Christmas #poetry #humor #themagicshop

Jane despised the idea of giving gift cards as presents

Their were various reasons for her rectangular resentment

For Jane, the fun was in looking for all the right gifts to be bought

Instead of just picking a gift card which required no thought

The wrapping of odd boxes was something else she enjoyed

What a delight to watch kids open up all different toys

Oh, how she hated those little, boring gift cards!

They just lacked Christmas magic right from the start

The long process of gift giving was time that Jane enjoyed

But, this year she forgot to buy things for Aunt Rose and Cousin Floyd

When she realized this dilemma it was late Christmas eve

What generic-type gifts could she buy in the quickest of speed?

She got out her car keys and sped out to the mall

To find some things for distant family that she hardly knew at all

Driving back with new presents, Jane had an epiphany in her car

She finally accepted  the miracle of  last-minute gift cards

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