SoCS – Hairy~ #SoCS #themagicshop #humor

In a revealing interview after Kong tragically fell

The girl that he grabbed had so much to tell

She actually loved the big ape with all of her heart

But, there was one major reason that would have kept them apart

It wasn’t his roar that people found so scary

Nor was it his body which was so incredibly hairy

The difference in their species did not even shake her

Neither his height or his weight were part of the deal-breaker

The thing that she confessed while not trying to sound prudish

Was that she would only marry someone who had been born Jewish

And at one point did she know that poor Kong was not a Jew?

When she looked straight up his legs and that’s when she knew

She cried to the press with remorseful tears in her eyes

That sadly that Shiksa gorilla had not been circumcised

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Dec. 15/18

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