Breakfast for Beechy~ #thwd #themagicshop


Mr. Beechy had stayed over at the Hotel Ritz

Waking up in their bed after a night of slumber bliss

He had heard that the room service was quite a big deal

Deciding to find out, he called to order his morning meal

A mere ten minutes later, there was a knock on the door

Just in time to silence Mr. Beechy’s ravenous stomach roar

A busboy wheeled in a cart with some plates that were covered

Then he set it all up as Mr. Beechy hungrily hovered

A heavenly omelet was the first delight revealed

On the side was crisp bacon that no longer squealed

Crisp buttered toast cut into small squares

Fresh coffee aroma lofted into the air

A masterpiece breakfast this sight to be seen

This man who was Beechy was not who he seems

He was con man Lou Weesly who had never been caught

Enjoying this spoiled life that someone else had bought


Daily Writing Challenge-Hotel, breakfast, caught – Dec. 10