SoCS – Musical~#poetry #soc #themagicshop

Life should be performed like a musical play

The opening number being about you starting the day

You belt out a song as you pull back the sheets

Adding in lyrics about the breakfast you’ll eat

Your coworkers croon at your place of employment

The arrival of Friday chanted in melodious enjoyment

A romantic ballad is done solo by a woman in HR

Her restrained feelings for you are sung from afar

Your decision for dinner becomes a powerful ballad

Ending on a long note about choosing a Greek salad

Two waiters harmonize as they bring out your order

The busboy serenading as he fills up your water

Nighttime brings out a show-stopping tune in your head

As your finale has you singing about the joy of simply going to bed

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Dec. 8/18

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