White Elephant #2 ~ #thwwe

Good morning! Since it is the spirit of giving, I’m continuing on with the Haunted Wordsmith’s prompt of giving out 3 gifts to some of my favorite bloggers.

My first gift goes to M at Putting My Feet in the Dirt. Hmm..what do you give to someone who, you don’t really know too well yet- they inspire you everyday? My motto in life has always been…”When you’re stuck in a bind, always have some fresh-baked cookies ready to give”. Thanks, M

My second gift goes to Dorinda Duclos at Night Owl Poetry. Only the lord knows how many positive things I’ve said about this woman. What more could I possibly give her? I got it! A trip in a time machine and the best possible seats at Yankee stadium on a night they win the world series. My personal favorite was ’96. But, she can go wherever she wants. Hasn’t she proven that already?

Finally, I gotta give something to my buddy-The Haunted Wordsmith herself. The amount of stuff she blogs daily is just amazing. I don’t know where she finds the time or creative energy to do so much. She probably writes all her stuff down on post-its first. So for her, I decided to give her enough post-its to get her through…oh, about one day. Thank, HWS.

This was fun! Pass it on in the spirit of giving and all things creative.


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