A mirror image of who he once was~#Decemberwriting #poetry #themagicshop


He stops by that place again

The pretending past

Smiles during misery

His reality skewed to her liking

Slob unfit for supper

Failure as father

A giant of a man reduced to crumbs

Just how she wanted him

Those days, her thoughts

He believed it daily

Questioning nothing vomited on him

Accepting this as the suburban normal

The mirrors reminded him

A definition of failure echoed back

Pathetic perceptions that exist no more

His path today reflects merely the scars of a survivor

An image of worth that he now creates to replace who he once was




December Writing Prompt- A mirror image of who he once was -Day 2/31

White Elephant #2 ~ #thwwe


Good morning! Since it is the spirit of giving, I’m continuing on with the Haunted Wordsmith’s prompt of giving out 3 gifts to some of my favorite bloggers.

My first gift goes to M at Putting My Feet in the Dirt. Hmm..what do you give to someone who, you don’t really know too well yet- they inspire you everyday? My motto in life has always been…”When you’re stuck in a bind, always have some fresh-baked cookies ready to give”. Thanks, M

My second gift goes to Dorinda Duclos at Night Owl Poetry. Only the lord knows how many positive things I’ve said about this woman. What more could I possibly give her? I got it! A trip in a time machine and the best possible seats at Yankee stadium on a night they win the world series. My personal favorite was ’96. But, she can go wherever she wants. Hasn’t she proven that already?

Finally, I gotta give something to my buddy-The Haunted Wordsmith herself. The amount of stuff she blogs daily is just amazing. I don’t know where she finds the time or creative energy to do so much. She probably writes all her stuff down on post-its first. So for her, I decided to give her enough post-its to get her through…oh, about one day. Thank, HWS.

This was fun! Pass it on in the spirit of giving and all things creative.