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11:57 PM

I’m typing as fast as I can now. Trying to get the word out before it happens, if it happens. I’ve told the story over a dozen times, posted it to Facebook, Tweeted it…and it all still sounds totally ridiculous. Yet, here am I telling it again in an abridged version. According to my laptop, I’ve only got about five minutes left to get this story out again maybe for one last time. I’m a reporter, named Stephen Willis. My background has been in paranormal research, odd people and the study of all things well, “funky”. I was given an assignment to interview noted astrophysicist Dr. Franklin Lee in his lab about the possibility of time travel. Don’t ask me, I just write about crazy stuff-I didn’t say I believed it. When I met him, Dr. Lee had a genuine concern about an event he felt would be happening very soon. He had a theory that time itself has a beginning and an ending. Life in the cosmos wasn’t about the constant ticking of a clock. Instead, it was the rapid ticks of stopwatch. Time was coming to a stop and all of us within that stopped time, would just be on this..“never-ending Pause”. He came up with this whole theory-

Look, who cares? It doesn’t matter. If you’re hearing this for the first time, you must I’m insane or just some “amateur fantasy blogger” trying to gain readers. I thought Dr. Lee was crackers after first hearing him spew out his nonsense. I continued to listen to him for hours, detailing his concept with detailed diagrams and multiple layers of tangible evidence. The man is simply brilliant and unfortunately, as accurate about as our sky is blue. Yep, that’s right folks, I’m talking doomsday for all of us. Before, you delete this or leave the page, PLEASE just do one thing. Professor Lee felt that by preventing the famous lighted ball from dropping in New York’s Times Square at the stroke of midnight, TONIGHT…He could avert this disaster from happening. I can’t go into the significance of that particular ball in that location, believe me that was the one aspect of his plan that was the hardest part for me to swallow. The ball will drop and time will stop. Everyone and everything within the flow of time will stop with it.

My goal in writing this was simple. If this wacky theory is legitimate in any way whatsoever, I wanted people to live their lives, RIGHT NOW, to the absolute fullest. Enjoy every breath of air you take in. Take a second to stop and comfort the ones who need a hug. I’m saying all of this, in case Dr. Lee fails to convince the ones in charge of the ball to stop it from dropping at Midnight. Truthfully?..I think we’re all done. Who’s going to listen to him? I was paid to listen to him and I still didn’t to be there. He sounded like a complete lunatic. Yet, astonishingly he made a believer out of me. I just don’t think there’s enough time for him to convince anyone else. I’m watching the news feed from Times Square now. Not much longer. God, I hope he got up to that roof. I hope he’s wrong about all of this.

I love you Mom and Dad.

One minute, Yu stil here? Just rememember wht I sd live yor lif

to the ful……………………………………………………………………………

Christmas Finale~#Christmas #poetry #themagicshop


Christmas arrived as a far different reality

Nothing at all from foretold yule fantasies

There was no pristine white snow that fell from the clouds

No twinkling icicles dripping down towards the ground

There were indeed promised presents delivered by dawn

But, not by a character who had been fake all along

It was people who bought all the stuff to be given out

No elves in a workshop or flying reindeers in clouds

Children were lit up with smiles from ear and ear

Oblivious to the debt that their parent’s will be in for years

In a matter of hours the yuletide dream would slowly fade

The aftermath of it’s excess now all had to be thrown away

#SoCS~Cough #poetry #SoCs #themagicshop


For Linda’s SoCS prompt, I wrote about something thats been bothering me for two days straight now.

It hits you quite suddenly at anytime in anyplace

A cough that just halts your life’s erratic pace

It makes you feel as if your lungs may soon be flying out

As you hunch yourself over looking like someone with gout

You swear that there’s farmers using a rake in your throat

An unreachable itch with no present antidote

The pharmacy sells you the best cough suppressant

Some green colored sludge tasting like excrement

Such a simple little thing such as a harsh cough

Its amazing how it’s prescence can throw your whole day off

The Melting Door~#shortstory #DecemberWriting #themagicshop


Ronigan fell off his bar stool at ‘Cooters Pub’ and hit the cement floor fast and hard.  The room erupted in laughter over his now sprawled out limp body, neglecting the remote possibility that he might actually be hurt.  He felt something trickle down unto his lips as the spicy taste of his own blood flowed from one nostril.  The floor smelled of old beer and the steps of lost souls before him.  How many had he drunk tonight?  Five shots or was it eight?  It didn’t really matter anymore, he just knew he was done with tonight’s festivities.  A booming voice yelled down at him to “Get the FUCK up!” It was Mickey the bartender yelling over the bar.  This actually was Ronigan’s sole intent at the moment, to just simply get up. He struggled to his feet as the room began to swirl around him in dizzying colors.  A patron sitting at the bar felt Ronigan’s arm on his shoulder as he leaned in for support.  The man angrily pushed it off, muttered some expletives and went back to finishing his beer.  The rest of the crowd surrounding the bar continued to drink, completely ignoring Ronigan’s  barely standing presence. It was just another typical busy Friday night here at Cooter’s.  People came here to enter into a state of complete oblivion over whatever shit their life was at the moment.  No one there really cared about whether you were too drunk to drive or even just dead on the floor.  Ronigan took a step towards the big oak door entranceway which led to the outside.  Blurred faces around him appeared cartoonish in their appearance as he tried to stay focused on just getting the Hell home.

If I can just get bed. I’ll be alright. I need to get through that door”.

Ronigan’s thoughts were muddled by the intensity of the booze, as if they were covered in a dirty gauze.  He was suffering by himself right in the middle of a whiskey induced storm and he needed to get out.  A few more steps closer and he would at least be outside away from all of this chaos.

“This IS IT. Never again, after tonight”

Another chaotic thought instinctively sprung up in Ronigan’s crowded head.  This idea was familiar territory to him.  It was the false bravado of someone who hadn’t realized yet that his words needed action.  This was actually the third time this week that he had gotten to this point of inebriation.  At the end of each session of just mindless consuming, he would vow that this was the last time. Then the next day, that overpowering allure of only to find that deepening, unrelenting urge to drown himself once again.  He reached out to door’s handle with a slight sigh of relief.  Suddenly, the door began to melt away against the brass frame.  The walls started to ooze down into a blurry pile of colors.  The last thought Ronigan had before blacking out was a small prayer to God to please help him.  This would be the thought that later after he woke up, would finally push him to give the destiny of his life into the hands of a higher power.

December Writing Prompt – And suddenly the door began to melt against the brass frame – Day 16/31

December Writing Prompts

Blogmas, Day 20 – Ruining Christmas~ #Christmas #Love #Blogmas


Joe’s big holiday plans would be quite different this year

He would ruin the family Christmas party that was soon drawing near

Motivation was easy for this quite decent chap

For you see, his last six months were filled with unforeseen crap

First thing that happened was his car had been stolen

Then an infected wisdom tooth caused his face to get swollen

New financial debts incurred after losing his job

His girlfriend then left him for a surgeon named Bob

Now, December was here and with it the day he was dreading

That big family shindig in which he was made to feel guilty into attending

To see people happy and filled with such glee

Was just too much to witness during his own misery

There was only one way he would get through this horrid event

He conspired to get drunk making his life easy to forget

The day was now here for the big get together

Everyone had arrived, some wearing holiday sweaters

Uncles and Aunts with cousins galore

Nieces and nephews along with about fifty more

Joe felt himself falling into that sad state of blues

He began to walk towards the bar to create his amnesia with  booze

As he was walking, hugs and comfort came from all family members

Their genuine love gave him something new  to remember

Christmas was not about his own misery

It was about the love and support that you get from family

Joe went on to have fun being sober and staying dry

Even meeting his cousin’s single friend who had been invited to stop by

They both liked each other right from the start

Making Joe even happier his original plan fell apart



Cartoon~#FOWC #poetry #humor


If you’re bored with your life, just watch what I’ll do soon

With one magic spell I’ll make your life into a cartoon

You now can pull from your pockets all different objects all of the time

It will certainly makes things easier for your disorganized mind

Then you’ll ricochet smoke as you run through your day

Getting things done faster in the quickest of ways

Any painful inflections will disappear by your next set of scenes

From an anvil that’s dropped to someone hurting your feelings

I’ll make your life fun with sight gags and quick jokes

Then I’ll bid you goodbye by playfully saying “Thats all folks!”

FOWC with FANDANGO – Cartoon

The Miracle of Gift Cards~#Christmas #poetry #humor #themagicshop


Jane despised the idea of giving gift cards as presents

Their were various reasons for her rectangular resentment

For Jane, the fun was in looking for all the right gifts to be bought

Instead of just picking a gift card which required no thought

The wrapping of odd boxes was something else she enjoyed

What a delight to watch kids open up all different toys

Oh, how she hated those little, boring gift cards!

They just lacked Christmas magic right from the start

The long process of gift giving was time that Jane enjoyed

But, this year she forgot to buy things for Aunt Rose and Cousin Floyd

When she realized this dilemma it was late Christmas eve

What generic-type gifts could she buy in the quickest of speed?

She got out her car keys and sped out to the mall

To find some things for distant family that she hardly knew at all

Driving back with new presents, Jane had an epiphany in her car

She finally accepted  the miracle of  last-minute gift cards

SoCS – Hairy~ #SoCS #themagicshop #humor


In a revealing interview after Kong tragically fell

The girl that he grabbed had so much to tell

She actually loved the big ape with all of her heart

But, there was one major reason that would have kept them apart

It wasn’t his roar that people found so scary

Nor was it his body which was so incredibly hairy

The difference in their species did not even shake her

Neither his height or his weight were part of the deal-breaker

The thing that she confessed while not trying to sound prudish

Was that she would only marry someone who had been born Jewish

And at one point did she know that poor Kong was not a Jew?

When she looked straight up his legs and that’s when she knew

She cried to the press with remorseful tears in her eyes

That sadly that Shiksa gorilla had not been circumcised

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Dec. 15/18

Out of their chests~#DecemberWriting #love #poetry #themagicshop


Time to face the pain and accept the facts

An ignored passion does not grow back

Circumstances changed their game

A couple still, just not the same

He lost the spark, she lost the flutter

Friendly strangers left with each other

Pleasant moments they shared before

Fading echoes of something more

With this story they know the end

Speak the truth and don’t pretend

Moving forward was for their best

Still these truths suck life right from their chests

December Writing Prompts – The truth sucked the life out of his chest – Day 3/31

Sharon’s Cottage~#DecemberWriting #Horror #themagicshop


It had taken Todd Munson over an hour to drive up to this house in the Pocono mountains during the pouring rain.  Now that he was inside,  he would do anything to just be able to run away from it.   He was tipped off by a few close, trustworthy friends that Sharon would be up here meeting “some guy”.   Todd and Sharon had been married for eight years this past June but, hints of an affair as early as last March.  Sharon was going out to more “yoga classes”  during the week.  Their interaction with each other had become stale and forced.  The bedroom was transformed into this lonely place to merely sleep.  All the textbook signs of adultery reared their ugly head in the Munson household and Todd became determined to get to the bottom of it.  Here he was now standing in the hallway of this quant little cabin, realizing how completely and utterly wrong he was about Sharon loving someone else. There was indeed some secret, new extramarital  activity (that part had been confirmed thirty minutes earlier) going on, but it wasn’t at all what Todd suspected.

There was something  wrong as soon as Sharon opened the front door looking like she was in a state of complete panic.  Her hair was matted down with sweat and her face was puffed out from exertion.  She asked Todd erratically the reasons for his presence.  From inside the cottage, a stench of rotted meat filled the air. Todd charged into the house pushing Sharon out-of-the-way.  Something was happening  inside this place and Todd felt months of unanswered questions bubbling to the surface.  He began frantically walking from room to room,  screaming at Sharon for answers.  She merely followed him crying for him to stop.

Is was at the last room on the right at end of a long hallway that Todd stopped short in the doorway.  Two still bodies laid on the floor covered in blood stained clear plastic. Todd recognized one as Mitch Barkley, Sharon’s ex boyfriend from college.  They had met one time, albeit uncomfortably at a restaurant one night a few months ago.  The room started to spin and Todd had to brace himself against the door frame.

“They raped me. Both of them.” Sharon quietly said from the living room at the beginning of the hallway. She was no longer crying but, her cheeks were still wet from years.

“It-it was before you and I met. Years before actually. Both of them, at the same time when I was at school”.

Todd stood there, leaning against the doorway. He felt the overwhelming need to vomit. He closed his eyes, hoping that in someway all of this would disappear around him.

“Todd….I love you. I love us. When we ran into Mitch months ago, it changed me. All the pain returned and I had to do something to stop it”. Sharon began crying uncontrollably.

“I DID THIS FOR US!” She screamed at Todd. Her words echoed throughout the house.

Todd stood there with a new feeling replacing his disbelief. He now felt that the woman standing at the end of hallway was not only his wife, but someone who genuinely believed that what she did was unquestionably justified.  He looked at her holding her gaze briefly from across the room, he knew then that she needed to do this.

And it was this acceptance of her actions, that terrified Todd more than anything else he witnessed on that rainy July day up in Sharon’s cottage.

December Writing Prompt -Holding her gaze briefly from across the room, he knew…-Day 12/31


Destiny Awaits~#DecemberWriting #poetry


Two blind swimmers in the same pool

Nothing but peace for the moment

They became two from one

A world within a woman

Neighbors who are outgrowing their lot

Chaos will soon take them

The silent bubble will pop

Then showtime for this new act

Destiny awaits them, they have no other choice

Their comfort is drained

A bright and cold world collects them

Tears of terror from their lungs

The moment is subdued by cotton surroundings

Moved from a womb’s warmth into something different

No need to cry now

Mother has calmed these twins with their first embrace

An initial welcome of waiting and absolute love


December Writing Prompts- Destiny awaited, they had no other choice – Day 11/31

Breakfast for Beechy~ #thwd #themagicshop


Mr. Beechy had stayed over at the Hotel Ritz

Waking up in their bed after a night of slumber bliss

He had heard that the room service was quite a big deal

Deciding to find out, he called to order his morning meal

A mere ten minutes later, there was a knock on the door

Just in time to silence Mr. Beechy’s ravenous stomach roar

A busboy wheeled in a cart with some plates that were covered

Then he set it all up as Mr. Beechy hungrily hovered

A heavenly omelet was the first delight revealed

On the side was crisp bacon that no longer squealed

Crisp buttered toast cut into small squares

Fresh coffee aroma lofted into the air

A masterpiece breakfast this sight to be seen

This man who was Beechy was not who he seems

He was con man Lou Weesly who had never been caught

Enjoying this spoiled life that someone else had bought


Daily Writing Challenge-Hotel, breakfast, caught – Dec. 10