Nervy Knights~#NovemberWriting #themagicshop


A new threat had arrived in the kingdom of Greenslawn

They snuck into town right before dawn

Beings quite vile like the Huns of Wolf’s Ridge

As sneaky as the trolls from across Wicken’s Bridge

The villagers fled quickly afraid for their lives

Not realizing this attack was a far different type

These marauders were not killing or looting for food

Instead it involved acts of just being socially rude

They voiced out their opinions when no one had asked

Often being quite critical followed up by a smug laugh

Crashing town parties with obtrusive bedlam

Arriving empty-handed and spoiling all the fun

The villagers wished to expel these callous ingrates

Their prayers would be answered by a sight at the front gate

A new army appeared to do battle with those nervy knights

The Minions with manners had arrived ready to politely fight


November Writing Prompt- Nervy Knights – Day 25/30