Lipstick Lover~#Horror #NovemberWriting #themagicshop

If anyone believed in the old adage of “love is blind” it was Norman Krinkle. He had been employed as an accountant at ‘Lucee Cosmetics’ for just about six months when he was approached by Miss Cynthia Thorne. Not only was Cynthia absolutely beautiful and successful, she was the company’s current top vice president. Norman stood just a little over five feet, slightly balding and a bit of a beer belly. Despite all of this, statuesque Cynthia with majestic blue eyes and long blond hair pursued Norman for a relationship. They had been dating secretly for a month. Cynthia insisted they keep it a secret to avoid any potential gossip or scrutiny by the rest of management. This is of course was a minor request for Norman to accept in comparison to all the benefits of being Cynthia’s boyfriend. They often ate out in seclusion at some of the city’s top restaurants. She bought him fancy gifts, like Rolex watches and Dior ties. Then there was the sex which of course was the best part. Norman’s previous experiences in the bedroom with women were limited and dull. Cynthia did things to him in the dark that many lonely men only dream of. It was a continuing surreal fantasy for Norman to be with her and he enjoyed every minute of it, without questioning it.

‘Lucee Cosmetics’ had recently bounced back into being a profitable company again within the last year. Despite their thirty year history in women’s make up, the company was losing business and stockholders from the lack of any new product for the last three years. They needed to hire a miracle worker. Enter one Cynthia Thorne, a prodigy of creative women’s fashion products. She was hired to revitalize the companies lipstick line, which was in desperate need of a make-over. In the spring of 2015, Cynthia introduced her first product to the world. The ‘Lips By Men’ assortment of lipsticks. It was line of primarily red colors that were conceived as “The lips made by men that they want to kiss”. The names picked for each color were done by Cynthia herself. Each one she created started with a man’s name and the word RED directly after it. Colors like JORDAN’S RED, ANDREW’S RED and LIAM’S RED were introduced at the beginning of the summer and they instantly became hits with women everywhere. Market analysts concluded that women wanted to give the man in their lives a pair of lips that men really wanted. Hiring three attractive male models to play the roles of their lipstick namesakes in all the media, additionally helped boost up sales. Cynthia saved Lucee Cosmetics and she was rewarded quite handsomely for it. The trick now, was to introduce more shades of red and extend the line into even further success.

Norman came onboard to the company just as it was starting to generate sales again. He saw the potential here and was even more excited that Cynthia was the reason behind it. The one feeling that Norman never felt from her was one of condescension or disrespect. In fact, Cynthia had often asked him for his opinions on a variety of topics.

Tonight was no different. Cynthia had texted him earlier during the day and invited Norman up to her executive penthouse office for his insight on a new color and name for the next lipstick to be made. She also enticed him with certain physical rewards on top of her rather large mahogany desk.

It was now ten o’clock and Norman was riding in Cynthia’s private elevator up to the top of the building. He had a small wry smile on his face and already felt himself getting excited in the crotch.

Up in her office, Cynthia Thorne sat with her long legs crossed propped up on her desk. She felt her mind go back in time to when she was in college for phlebotomy. Back then, she saw people’s blood types as having different shades. Was this true? It didn’t really matter then or now, this is what she saw with her eyes. She dropped of school due to the utter boredom of the field.

“I don’t miss those damn days of poverty” Cynthia thinks as she takes the machete hidden in her bottom desk’s drawer. The same one that she had used three times last year.

Two months ago, the board of directors had issued Cynthia Thorne a challenge. They wanted the next lipstick color to appeal to women who had or desired a ‘average guy or a regular joe’ in their lives. Never backing down from a dare, Cynthia gladly took this on.

The elevator light came on and the doors opened up. Norman’s face turned to curiosity as he saw the floor covered in clear plastic sheets.

Catherine smiled, stood up and started to walk towards him.

“NORMAN’S RED” would be the next color introduced from Lucee Cosmetics and sold to lipstick lovers everywhere.


November Writing Prompt – Lipstick Lover – Day 8/30

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