The Dream of all dreams~#NovemberWriting #poetry #themagicshop



Dwelling within all of us are concepts of bliss

Our own personal desires on which we all wish

It can consist of the wants that presently take up your mind

Or it can be achieving a goal you’ve had for a lifetime

From a fresh chocolate donut to a day without rain

A stunning new hairstyle or a car in your name

Picking the numbers that will make you debt free

The one gift that you asked for wrapped under the tree

Meeting that love that finally completes you

Being able to step out in a pair of new shoes

Those last five pounds that you struggled to melt away

Your six-year old’s sculpture that they made out of clay

A friendship rekindled after a long separation

Cleaning out that stuffed closet by defeating procrastination

Hitting a baseball into a home run

Jumping through leaves in innocent Fall fun

It doesn’t matter this thing that makes you tingle inside

Your own dream of all dreams is what keeps you alive


November Writing Prompt – The dream of all dreams – Day 7/30


Vote~#election #vote #themagicshop



A decision was made by some people today

They chose to do nothing and just stay away

What went on around them they just simply ignored

Thinking that life could offer them no more

They refused to be firm and pick out a choice

Instead burying their heads and silencing their voice

They then will find things later in which to complain

Curiously wondering why things still haven’t changed

These people sat on their ass diminishing their rights

Having others decide who should wield this troubled land’s might

My message to those who have political apathy

Don’t come cry to me when America’s change is done crappy