Voided Victories~#Novemberwriting #poetry


A fight for an octagon ends

Tatterd backpacks

Shattered windshield

The blood will now speak on their behalf

Voices of voters had been cried out weekly

The Council of suits feigned concern

Hidden lies to appease were spewed

Promise of action, peace for parents

Bureaucrats sloth gum up the works

Double-time pay eliminates mortality

The corner awaited its destiny

A town meets for different reasons today

Eulogies of venom

Voided victories are what residents were fed

Caskets of callousness is all that they have left

November Writing Prompt- Voided Victories – Day 29/30

BINGO~#Bingo #themagicshop


B – A bunch of bludgeoned barbers were found in a bar’s basement

I –  Investigators invaded the inn to introduce an inquest of the patrons

N –  Night patrolman Nick Noterezz noticed a nervous nanny nearby when nighttime was near

G – Gertrude Gladswitz gave in and generously confessed to galvanizing the groomers

O –  Obsessively outraged over not omitting out her overflowing old hair


What’s your BINGO card entries?

Nervy Knights~#NovemberWriting #themagicshop


A new threat had arrived in the kingdom of Greenslawn

They snuck into town right before dawn

Beings quite vile like the Huns of Wolf’s Ridge

As sneaky as the trolls from across Wicken’s Bridge

The villagers fled quickly afraid for their lives

Not realizing this attack was a far different type

These marauders were not killing or looting for food

Instead it involved acts of just being socially rude

They voiced out their opinions when no one had asked

Often being quite critical followed up by a smug laugh

Crashing town parties with obtrusive bedlam

Arriving empty-handed and spoiling all the fun

The villagers wished to expel these callous ingrates

Their prayers would be answered by a sight at the front gate

A new army appeared to do battle with those nervy knights

The Minions with manners had arrived ready to politely fight


November Writing Prompt- Nervy Knights – Day 25/30

Canned~#Anger #poetry #themagicshop


The seed was planted within you

Buried deep in your soul

Nurtured by fertilizer

A fruit that will grow strong throughout your garden

When its time, you’ll rip it out

Stare at what its become

Season the taste of it’s core

Acknowledge its potency

Then contain this growth in your chosen vessel

You can take from it whenever you want

A sprout that empowers your being

It’s final flavor is only yours to prepare

Nourish your rage

Thanksgiving Surprise~#Thanksgiving #shortfiction #themagicshop


Glenn Munsen sat at his family’s Thanksgiving day table feeling nauseous.   The bowl of Aunt Mary’s cranberry-apricot casserole sat directly in front of him.  It was this side dish that last year made him violently ill hours later into the evening,  after Thanksgiving had ended.   “Not THIS year”  Glenn thought to himself, as other plates of food  were placed down on the table around the turkey in the middle.   His family began to fill up their plates with his Aunt Mary sitting a few seats down away from him on the opposite side of the table.  Glenn could ignore taking some of Aunt Mary’s dish, luckily she was out of sight’s range.  Glenn loved his Aunt Mary dearly, but not her cooking.  Apparently, he was the only one in this conviction. No one else who had eaten that same dish last year got sick- just Glenn.  He also kept his illness to himself.  The gossip among this close but nosy family was lethal enough to sometimes split them apart.  The great “returning of Aunt Rosa’s Christmas gift” from years past was enough for Aunt Rosa to boycott talking to the family for months.  Vomiting after Aunt Mary’s beloved entree would quarantine her for all holiday meals going forward.  It was just better for Glenn to remain silent.

Exactly ninety-three minutes later,  the remains of days of prep work and hours of cooking now sat on the table.  The family all sat there satisfied and tired.  Glenn in particular had enjoyed the raisin stuffing,  a dish that he had thought was made by his cousin Sandra.  Almost all of Aunt Mary’s dish was gone, making Glenn feel just a tad guilty.

“Sandra,  that stuffing you made was delicious!  Nice touch with the raisins”  Glenn said to Sandra, who was sitting directly across for him.  She smiled back at Glenn.

“Uh, Thanks Glenn…but, I didn’t make the stuffing.  We all made something different this year. Aunt Mary made the stuffing”

Glenn’s face luckily remained frozen with that slight still satisfied smile.  He slowly turned his head away from Sandra and looked down at his dear Aunt Mary.

“Why, Thank you Glenn honey.”  Aunt Mary warmly said,  her eyes lighting up behind her glasses.

“And those weren’t raisins in there,  they were cranberries.  The same ones that I used in my famous cranberry casserole, which your mother did an excellent job in copying this year. Now, wheres my royalty check,  Helen?”

Everyone burst out laughing.  Glenn sat back in his chair, eventually forcing out a small chuckle.  Just the mere idea of eating anything that Aunt Mary had cooked was already starting to make him feel queasy.

“Maybe, I’ll be alright”  Glenn tried to reassure himself.  But, he kinda felt in his gut (and stomach) that he was in for yet another long Thursday night after this Thanksgiving was over and the bathroom was waiting.



Simple Request~#brokenhearted #poetry #themagicshop


A simple dream

His true intention

Cut off the heart

A new direction

Be a stone

Bury the smile

No longer susceptible

To romantic mistrials

Others want others

Feeling complete with partners nearby

Multiple quests fail for some

His hardened decision to no longer try

To be loved means transparency

His open book had pages ripped out again

She left him bleeding without lifting a finger

Recovery through solitude will now begin

Its better to be hollow than to welcome a new poison

Mute the yearning scream

Proving all wrong he will be an island

To never expect love again, his simple dream

Viewpoint~#poetry #love #themagicshop


No matter how his world was, the man just couldn’t be happy

Always looking at life and thinking it was crappy

He complained about stuff in so many ways

Seeing gray skies on the bluest of days

Always forcing a smile when he wanted to cry

Telling everyone that “life was good” which he really felt was a lie

The funny thing here was that this was all a deception

For everything he saw was his own warped perception

His actual life was not bad upon second glances

It was his negative opinions that made bad circumstances

Along came a lady with an opposite outlook

Her viewpoints on things were from a more positive book

These two different people begin dating which friends considered quite strange

Then again they weren’t aware of the man’s sudden new attitude change

Being in love made him realize that his demeaner had to go

He started dealing with things in a more postive flow

This event that’s his life is one in which he now frequently applauds

Instead of him thinking “life sucks” which was actually quite fraud

A Moment~#poetry #life


Just a moment

A smile appears after a sip of a shake

The simplicity of an eight year old’s dreams

Her world is suddenly a frozen joy

Just a moment

Terror consumes the teenager

An impact of metal during a text

Lost priorities on an asphalt’s skin

Just a moment

Every muscle flexed for the incoming

She accepts the pain to hear the miracle

The room now echoes in a blessed cry

A blink of an eye

The flip of a switch

Life in its changes

All in a moment

Lady of the Lake~#poetry #freewill #themagicshop


She has finally arrived at this place

A lake to give back her destiny

Determination defined this woman

Inhaling the changes of hope at the top

The path here was wrought with obstacles

A hike uphill that buried her identity

Poisonous partners, hidden agendas

All failed attempts in snuffing this spitfire

Fresh surface reflections reveal her strength

A new warrior stares out upward

This woman’s beaten soul reborn

Rules finally written by her hand

She rests for a moment, unachoring her dreams

The waters of freewill renourishong her spirit

An endless distance of possibilities to explore

Deep and exciting choices await for this lady of the lake to dive into

Silly Lily~#Novemberwriting #poetry #themagicshop


I was ready to give up on finding my soul mate

Throwing in the towel after just one too many bad dates

I cringed at Hairy Mary who needed a shave

Had tea with Naughty Audrey who wouldn’t behave

The theatre cleared out on a date with Smelly Nellie

Breakfast with Messy Betsy had me covered in Jelly

Kissy Missie was fun but I needed to breathe

Everything Pretend Gwen said I just never believed

I’m still trying to cheer-up from lunch with Sad Maddie

Criticism over coffee was my chat with Crabby Abby

A bachelor’s way was looking to be my new life’s norm

Then I spotted a woman who was laughing out in a rain storm

We started to talk as the rain got us wet

I felt that she was the most amazing woman I had met

Her attitude towards life was so uplifting and fun

She also saw charm in me that she found in no one

I’m thankful for past dates that all went horribly wrong

They made me wait for true love who was Silly Lily all along


November writing Prompt- Silly Lily- Day 14/30

Fresh air, no despair~ #Novemberwriting #poetry #themagicshop


Power-down, reconnect

Pay attention, give respect

Focus now and close the app

Escape all social media traps

Open your eyes, clear your head

Don’t believe what you’ve been fed

Different agendas, many views

Flush away online news

With a text you’ve made a choice

Change your sound, speak your voice

These little boxes manipulate

Raise your head, stand up straight

Go offline with no despair

Rejoin mankind in its fresh air

November Writing Prompt- Fresh air, no despair- Day 12/30


Bustling Beauties~ #NovemberWriting #poetry #themagicshop


The next time you dine out think to try something new

And witness the staff with a new kind of view

Really look at those ladies who serve all your needs

Making sure you are fed and pleasantly pleased

They often carry around trays that might weigh a ton

A balancing act that ceases to amaze everyone

Some of them use pads to write down all orders said

While others memorize whats wanted up in their heads

Tables of patrons are handled by just one in her own dazzling style

Never complaining as she fills your coffee with a smile

Have some respect for the ones who do these long, tiresome duties

Be thankful for waitresses those bustling beauties



Daily Writing Prompt-  https://puttingmyfeetinthedirt.com/