Hollywood Horrorville~#Halloween #Horror #themagicshop


Halloween is celebrated in all different places

With kids wearing costumes and hiding their faces

Some towns are unique in the treats they give out

“Hollywood Horrorville” is such a place to talk about

At Frankenstein’s castle, body parts are the treat

Freddie Krueger gives pillows out to help get you to sleep

The Creature hands out dead fish when you visit his lagoon

The Wolfman has dog biscuits provided there’s a full moon

Jason gives out steak knives at Camp Crystal lake

Count Dracula will gladly give you all the town’s wooden stakes

No one ever sees what the invisible man drops in your hand

The blob will ooze out to you all flavors of jam

Rolls of bandages are yours when you visit the mummy

Don’t stick out your arm in front of the zombie for they may find you to be yummy

If Halloween candy is what you seek, then skip over this town and don’t even try it

It’s an interesting place and is perfect for those who are trying to diet

The Owl’s Day~#poetry #themagicshop


I once met this nice lady with a wonderful smile

She’s a passionate writer and has been for a while

She can write about anything be it love or cupcakes

Just give her a topic and a poem she will make

A great mother as well with a daughter who’s cool

Trust me, I know because I’m friends with her too

She also inspired me to write in my own special way

I thank God that I met her pretty much every day

I’m celebrating her day with a shout, cheer and howl

Her flight a year stronger, Happy Birthday Nite-Owl

3 A.M. ceiling~#insominia #poetry #themagicshop


Words fail its potency

The ceiling becomes your universe

Anxiety is now your blanket

Sink down into this endless void

Your thoughts dance to no music

Brief visits to places hold you forever

Losing in nightly battlegrounds is now your norm

Time relentlessly ignored your dilemma

Staring without seeing

Isolated next to your partner

They’re vacationing in R.E.M.

You continue to suffer in silence

Finally, the stream of thinking gets damned

Your body surrenders

What’s left over now becomes bliss

Awaking only to now face the loneliness of the day