Another October Day~#poetry #Halloween #themagicshop


A time in October once again draws near

That day that is known forĀ inducing one’s fears

When childlike creatures stalk the night

Looking to quell their large appetites

Where vacated buildings become dens of terror

Crowded with patrons who’s frights lastĀ forever

There are the annual parties attended by vampires and ghosts

Who endlessly suck drinks from the ones who are hosts

All of these things sound cool until you realize the date

Your wrong if you think it’s that spooky-fun holiday

For the monsters this day are real and not make-believe

Screams of real horror rule this night, the day that’s Not Halloween

Gamble~#poetry #forbidde love #themagicshop


A Hearts and Queen card is all he wanted

He was dealt a lady in a suit he didn’t prefer

The world believed his content poker face

Playing a hand that he saw as losing

He took a spin of the wheel looking for change

Coaxed by his crowd to finally take his turn

Realizing his chances were slim

His desires to win more vanish as his number speeds past

The dice excites everyone in their roll

He always threw them for others

A crowd at his table wins in their chosen lives

Standing alone, his hands are now empty and weak

This losing streak defines him

Never to know the payoff of true love

The odds against fulfilled dreams

That jackpot of personal happiness is forever denied to him