The Frankenstein Feast~#OctPoWriMo #poetry #OctWrite

It was a state of emergency for Chef Malcom McSneel

There was no food in the kitchen for tonight’s big meal

The pantry was empty except for one box of old rice

He opened the fridge and saw nothing but cold ice

Thirty guests were arriving promptly at six

And here he stood desperate with no dinner to fix

He had less than two hours with no time to stall

So, he jumped in his car and sped to the mall

The hours went quick and all the guests all had arrived

Chef Malcolm barely just finished preparing his culinary surprise

The hungry guests were escorted  in to the dining room hall

Shocked by the odd food choices that were waiting for all

Egg Rolls and Hot Dogs sat behind some stuffed pitas

Tacos and Mcnuggets were placed next to a few pizzas

Poptarts and pretzels surrounded a Cinnabon

A big Greek salad with plenty of croutons

It was a miracle Chef Malcolm pulled off to say the least

As all the guests sat down and enjoyed his Frankenstein feast

October Writing Prompt- The Frankenstein Feast- Day 16/31

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