Keeper of the Corpses~#OctoberWriting #Horror #poetry #themagicshop

Lilian Finn really hated to wash clothes

It’s where her machines were located that she hated to go

Down in her basement, the washer and dryer stood next to each another

Surrounded by piles of her husband’s backed-up clutter

He’s had to bring work home from his full-time job

An actual neat freak who’s become an overworked slob

Business was booming in her husband’s profession

It was indeed a good time for one to be a mortician

Finn’s funeral home was small but the only one around

Dozens of dead were brought in from all different towns

Her husband tried to fill the requests of the dead’s rightful heirs

But, he soon fell behind and had to dump bodies in his home’s downstairs

To get to do wash,  Lilian had to climb through a cadaver’s obstacle course

However, She still loved her husband-the keeper of the corpses


October Writing Prompts- The Keeper of the corpses- Day 13/31

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