House of Howls

The residents of Waterford are deafened every night

A price they must pay for ignoring an aniamal’s plights

Wealthy Hugh Skeever once lived in this town

Known to pay people off for not making a sound

His reasons were grim filled with the darkest of intentions

Silencing the public’s knowledge of  canine masochisms

Torturing stray dogs was Skeever’s sick reason for living

No one would stop him as long as his cash continued to be given

Finally, outside authorities raided this kennel of pain

Emptying the house and deeming Skeever insane

Vacant for years it  loudly cries out nightly looking to blame

The house of howls wails to punish those who ignored a pup’s pain


October Writing Prompt- The House of Howls- Day 12/31






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