Fear’s Chat~#poetry #fear #themagicshop


I’ve got a secret for you

Listen quietly to my whisper

Actually, it can wait until later

That’s my opening

Disorietant you with suspense

Yes, of course you know things

Thrusting out your intellect

Examining your shivers

You take it all on and smirk

Such a naive thing you really are

It could be the darkness in others

The unknown beyond your sight

A mind’s tricks creating your reality

Or it could be all and more

I’m really a people pleaser in the end

Your age means nothing to me

I will make you a child regardless

Be a hero, be strong, face me

And with a single word, I will make you cry for an ending

Chilling your blood with my breath

The best part of this, my favorite thing?

Everybody in this world has one hidden in their soul

And only I know how to find them

How satisfying this is for me always being the bearer of your fear

Now, Come closer as I reveal your secret to terror