The Gnomes of Netherland~#OctoberWriting #humor #themagicshop


There was always an interesting story to be told  from retired policeman Frank Sullivan. Every morning at exactly six-thirty,  Frank would join his retired buddies at the bagel place in town for coffee and chatter.  Usually there was retired fireman Billy Coombs, former plumber Anthony Cristi and Jackie Flynn, ex-marine.   All of these men loved these mornings, always enjoying each other’s company.  It gave them a place to escape their daily struggles of old age and  to rekindle their days of being able to handle anything.  Frank in particular,  was proud of his youthful days and always enjoyed sharing tales of some of his more interesting cases.

“Did I ever tell you guys about the gnomes of Nethrland?”  Frank said this as he sat back and took a sip of his coffee.

“No, I would have remembered something like that!”  Jackie said.  His memory for details were always impeccable and accurate.

“Alright, you’ll like this one” a grinning frank said as he leaned in to tell the story.


Sylvia Androkas was a mess.  She woke up this morning to find out that her house had been burglarized. An entire collection of priceless jewelry was now missing.  Patrolman Frank Sullivan was the first one to arrive on the scene and question Mrs. Androkas.  It was easy to spot the Androkas residence from any distance.  On their front lawn, stood easily had ten to twenty ceramic lawn gnomes standing in different places.  Patrolman Sullivan greeted Sylvia in her kitchen and begin questioning her about what had happened.  She claimed that she had gotten up at six A.M.  like she does every morning and proceeded to walk over to her jewelry box on her dresser.  She was shocked to see that the jewelry box had been opened and everything inside was now gone.  After he took down her statement and general list of the items presumed stolen, Officer Sullivan  made a promise that the police would do their best in locating her valuables.  As he heads down the walkway in front of the house,  he notices a slight gleam coming off of one of the ceramic gnomes.  He walked across the front lawn and is surprised to discover that a few of the gnomes were wearing women’s jewelry.  The same pieces that Sylvia Androkas had described to him just a few minutes prior.


“GET THE HELL OUTTA HERE,FRANK!”  Billy Coombs yelled at Frank across the table. “You expect us to think that those gnomes stole that ladies jewelry?”

Anthony and Jackie were both now shaking their heads, laughing.

Frank Sullivan held up his hand, silencing them all.

“Fellas, I’m telling you the truth.  When it comes to my crime stories,  I don’t lie. Those gnomes were troublemakers. Listen to this, three days after the jewelry fiasco Sylvia Androkas’s car was stolen.  They found it, hours later parked outside of Stewey’s Tavern”.

All the men remained silent as Frank Sullivan leaned in towards them and whispered,

“And you ain’t gonna believe who was sitting in the car…..


October Writing Prompts – The Gnomes of Netherland – Day 4/31