Brimstone Brew~#OctoberWriting #poetry #Rhyme #themagicshop


Wanda and Zelda were two very poor witches

Their powerful magic could not bring them riches

They lived in squalor wearing nothing but rags

Using newspapers for blankets with pillows being trash bags

Most of their spells were mixology based

Making some fall in love or have their memories erased

But, the needs for these potions slowed down to none

People found new ways online to get all their magic now done

Both witches then thought of a way to cash in on a fear

The dread that a man has of running out of beer

They opened their spell books and a bartender’s guide

They then created an ale that no guy had yet tried

This drink would replenish all that was swallowed

An endless stream of cold brew in bottomless bottle

People paid it’s high price due to it’s high demand

It was a full working brewery in the palm of your hand!

Zelda and Wanda became wealthy and are no longer blue

Living life to the fullest because of their Brimstone brew

October Writing Prompt- Brimstone Brew – Day 3/31