Purple Plasma~#OctoberWriting #shortfiction #themagicshop

Gina Byrnes just couldn’t wait for her boyfriend, Steve to get home from work. She had earlier let herself into his apartment using the spare set of keys that he had given to her just a month previous. She loved Steve and decided to surprise him with an impromptu gift of her affection. He was an avid collector of seventies memorabilia. Steve liked the aesthetics and craziness of that decade, even though he was a child born in the eighties. He had framed movie posters of “Saturday Night Fever” and “Jaws” hanging up on his walls. On the floor in his living room, he had a rust-colored shag rug with a black leather beanbag chair in the center. None of these things were Gina’s personal tastes but, she respected his passion. Besides, he wasn’t completely living in a world of polyester and corduroy. He had the most advanced laptop currently out set up at an ultra tech work station. There was however, an original Pet Rock in a Box and a spiky-haired troll standing on a shelf above the desk. Gina noticed the time on the digital clock. It was almost time for Steven to get home and Gina knew she had to move fast. Surprisingly, the one item missing from Steven’s collection was the iconic lava-lamp. Gina found one for him online and it looked like it had been made right back in the seventies. It had a brushed steel top and base with purple plasma ready to float in its glass body. She set it up on his end table closest to his front door and then crouched down to put the plug in the wall socket. Gina wanted him to see it and be surprised as soon as he got home.

The slow hum of the lamp’s heater went on. That’s when she felt something fall on top of her right shoulder. At first she thought it was just the corner of the end table but, then she felt her arm getting heavy and warm. She stood up quickly and noticed that the metal top of the lamp had been knocked off. The purple contents inside were now missing. Before Gina had a chance to utter a single gasp, she felt her mouth being covered up by something warm and wet. She looked down at her shoulder to see the contents of the lava lamp were now on her arm and growing. A strand of purple had spat out from her upper arm and was now expanding over her mouth. Gina’s heart went into overdrive and she jumped back from the table, her one free arm now flailing in the air. She reached up to her face in an attempt to pull off the gel which was now sliding down into the back of her throat. She no longer felt her fingers as they slowly got sucked into a gooey mound that was on her face. She fell back unto Steven’s couch knocking over a chrome floor lamp. Gina Byrnes final sight with the one remaining eye she had left was a smiley-face throw pillow with the words “Have a Nice Day!” written on its face. She rapidly blinked and cried as her entire body was melted away inside the purple ooze.

Steven Weber was smiling from ear to ear. He had just gotten home and noticed immediately the new lava lamp standing on his table. The purple globs inside the glass were floating up and down in peaceful tranquility. He thought to himself that this has to be the work of Gina. He loved that woman and knew he had to call her right away. He walked into the kitchen to use his avocado green landline rotary phone. The lava lamp continued its dance of slow purple plasma within the warm lit glass cylinder with a few human teeth now laying on the bottom of the lamp.

October Writing Prompt – Purple Plasma- Day 2/31

3 thoughts on “Purple Plasma~#OctoberWriting #shortfiction #themagicshop

      • Lol… now I’ll be better able to keep up with you. 😉 I hardly get a chance to read anything anymore because my time for reading has dwindled and become almost nonexistent. So unless someone sends me a link, it’s really hit or miss. It frustrates me how much I’m likely missing. There are so many lovely words to read, why can’t the day be longer?


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