Not Enough~#poetry #September11 #themagicshop


Enough already

Why write about it?

Too many poems, too many stories

Words can’t resurrect


Cancel the memorial

It happened, we all know that

Standing tall for us to feel low

Cement doesn’t revive


Live coverage of a dead past

All the channels, every stream

Pressing a button won’t stop the names

The show brings us nothing


Wastes of time, move on

Breathing is for the living

Reminders are hurtful

Exit this darkness already


Why is this necessary?

Millions of prayers

Endless tears

Because…. it’s not enough today


They must never stop

Write your pain

Construct the memory

Repeat the footage


They didn’t have sufficient warning

No time to prepare

Minimal goodbyes

There wasn’t enough life for them

There must never be enough of us remembering this about them all


Blue Pencil Boulevard~#poetry #SeptemberWriting #themagicshop


Today it’s about the paper

The one that defines her

A four-year trek has ended

She stood there in victory

A sense of surreal for the witnessing father

His thoughts rewind her movie

Breaths equaling years

The present melts away

That entering cry foretold her first year

Sleep deprivation was Katie’s specialty

A parental embrace soothed her

She was a dynamo in diapers

Then he stood in her third grade

Her eyes created dreams on paper

Red crayon houses on a blue pencil boulevard

They hang by his desk even today

Locker times arrive

Discovering a sense of self at sixteen

Initial kiss, first heartbreak

If only she would recall how great those times were

Now, they’ve both arrived here

He had blinked and she was a woman

Birth certificate to college diploma

Just papers that defined her


September Writing Prompt-Blue Pencil Boulevard-Day 10/30

Prescence~#poetry #love #themagicshop


My eyes close out my chaos

The lady returns to my world

Still a stranger but she knows me best

The distance between us disappears

My mind feels her touch

Satin fingers caress my shoulders

Nerve endings get awoken

Her hands comfort my inner solitude

A whisper is mentally spoken

She speaks to my eyes alone

Her words yearn for my embrace

She too reflects such wants

My lips are cold

They await her smoulder

My creativity has her near me now

Dream this damsel

My darkness is enlightened by her smile

This woman has connected with me again

I open my eyes to a barren life

But,  I know that this lady exists and I will find her to complete our love

A Happy Number~#writing #gratitude #themagicshop


I’m sitting here looking at a recent notification on my blog. I’ve officially written one hundred pieces on it. To some, this is a drop in the bucket. But, to me it means so much more. The inner writer that has struggled to return for many years after he stopped back in high school-is back. Everyone here in this community of writers, knows that there is nothing more exhilarating than making your ideas into a tangible piece that can be savored by another.

Part of my recent “resurrection” back into writing has been in meeting a certain poet that inspired me to start again. I’m not going to embarrass her here, but I will be eternally grateful for her presence in my life. She always refutes my gratitude claiming she did nothing, but that couldn’t be any further from what I feel.

I’ve enjoyed my time here in this community and will continue to contribute whatever ideas pop into my head.

Thanks for listening, dear reader.

-John Freda (August,2018)

Just Write It~#poetry #writing #themagicshop


Random thoughts in your head

Ideas you think that should be read

Find a place with no sound

Take out a pen, start scribbling down

Is this the best that you can do?

Ignore that thought and follow through

You hesitate from critical doubt

Still force your words to be written out

A quick proofread makes you think

Your literary skills really stink

The process here is a skilled art

In which one learns to script their part

You’re no Shakespeare, but that’s ok.

Just keep writing from day to day

Life of Love~#poetry #love #themagicshop


They tingled in their teens

First attractions during Algebra

Mutual smiles nervously given

Cute and awkward discovering each other

Reassurance in their thirties

The time of restless wants

New lives induce fragility

Couch cuddling in between diaper changes

Firm in their fifties

They know that the other is nearby

Their fire is dim but, it still continues to burn

A comfort of history together connects them

Strong in their seventies

Their wrinkled touch still excites

Alone time now is more precious than ever

A silent love that has kept them young

Farm-girl~#3tc #poetry #themagicshop


The dawn has begun again

She knows her role

A daughter of the farm

Full-time hours before her needs



Many mouths scream for breakfast before her own

The buffet for livestock

This life of haystacks and grit labeled her

Fourteen working full-time



Sweat before the school bus

The unattainable sits around her here

polished nails, current clothes

Differences exclude the exhausted


She dreams of the dance

A lighted stage free of mud

Boots become ballet shoes

She’ll leave that barnyard for the ballet one day


This piece was inspired by the three thing challenge prompt: hay stack, scream, ballet shoes

Taco Telepathy~#SeptemberWriting #ShortFiction #themagicshop



News item from the El Paso (Tx.) weekly Daily Lone-Star, June 14th, 2010

EL PASO, TX- A man attacked another man at the “El Viva” Mexican restaurant on Monday the 15th. Witnesses dining at the restaurant claimed that the man in question, Mr. Richard Fedder was having lunch with the victim, Mr. Alan LaMonte.  Mr. Fedder  reached out to grab Mr. LaMonte by his shirt and proceeded to punch him in the face. Witnesses went on to say that they heard Mr. Fedder screaming  “Now, I know. You’re the one who’s been screwing my wife!”.  Mr. LaMonte attempted to defend himself by throwing his intended lunch, which were Tacos.  Summoned El Paso police arrived moments later and took Mr.Fedder into custody.

Police Blotter from the Kalispell (MT.) daily Montana News, August 19, 2010


KALISPELL- At 6:50 p.m. Tuesday, Montana state police stopped a van recklessly driving across state highway rt.15.   The vehicle in question was being driven by Mr. Stephen Monroe.  Mr.Monroe was seen pulling out of the parking lot of the “Tacos R Us restaurant located on Keller St.   His van then proceeded to veer off the highway and into a cement barrier.  The passengers on board besides driver Mr. Monroe were his wife Gail and their two teenage daughters,  Alyssa and Nicole.   When Montana police questioned Mr. Monroe after the incident,  he had claimed that his daughter Alyssa had just announced that she was pregnant and this caused his attention to be diverted from his driving.   Gail and Nicole Monroe refuted this, claiming they heard nothing being said like that which would have led to the accident.   Additionally,  Alyssa claimed that she had not spoken a word since leaving the restaurant but did go on to confirm the news.

From Glowing Meat: Fast food with Super Powers (American Conspiracy magazine, October 10, 2010) by Eddie Drake:

After checking in to my hotel room,  I decided to interview some local residents at the local tavern in town.  Many of them were reticent to speak with me,  except for one. “Gus” was a former maintenance man at the “Mucho Grande latin food distribution plant” located on the outskirts of town.  He confided in me that in his opinion,  he felt that there was something seriously wrong with the ingredients being processed and distributed there.  Many other employees felt this as well,  but most of them wouldn’t speak of it out in the workplace.  The general gossip was that it had something to do with the facility  being located next door to the ‘New Way’ nuclear power plant.  Gus said in his own words:

“Yea, it was just weird. Everyone there kinda whispered to one another that the ingredients were doing somethin’ to them. The REALLY weird thing was that sometimes, you could swear you heard people talking about this stuff  without them speaking  a single word to ya.”

I found Gus to be a generally good-natured and trustworthy person. He gladly answered the next couple of questions that I had prepared for him before the interview. Questions that I had written down, but hadn’t even gotten to ask him yet.


Writing prompt: Taco Telepathy

Murder most Dull~ #3tc #shortfiction #mystery #themagicshop


The body of Ashley Marie Lyons was discovered in the study at around Nine PM. Jenkins, the butler had stopped in the check on her ladyship and knew right away she wasn’t sleeping. Her skin was cold to the touch and she wasn’t responding to him calling out her name. He had always been a “true-crime” buff and often had his imagination run wild with the darkest of ideas. This time, Jenkins felt that Mrs. Lyons had been the victim of foul play. Letting this thought get control him, he immediately called the police instead of an ambulance.

Chief inspector Sullivan from homicide showed up at the Lyons estate ten minutes after the first set of uniformed police had arrived. He was a twelve-year veteran on the force and had the best arrest record out of all the homicide detectives.

The Lyons estate had been passed down from generation to generation. They were one of the wealthiest families in north America and anyone who died among them always received some degree of inheritance. The current owner of the Estate was forty-three year old Archibald Lyons. It was his wife, former Vegas showgirl Ashley Marie Stark who had been found dead. The two of them had been married or less than a year and everyone who knew them suspected Ashley of being a “Goldigger”. She was known to be fast and Archibald was stuck in neutral. Clearly an example of oil and water in a marriage.

Dr. Quinlan, the medical examiner was finishing his preliminary examination of the body as Inspector Sullivan entered the Study.

“Well, Dr. Q, what have you determined so far?”

Sullivan always called him just ‘Q’ having been a fan of James Bond for many years.

“There’s no wounds to indicate murder. No stabbings, gunshots or any type of bruise from any type of blunt force”. Quinlan spoke this as started to look at Penelope’s neck.

“No strangulation. Usually there would imprints from hands about the throat or some type of noose. nothing.”

Quinlan took a step back, removed his glasses and delivered Sullivan his summation.

“A young active lady like this, unless she was poisoned couldn’t have just died like this. I’m afraid you were called for no reason, Inspector. No murder here. I’ll know more after an autopsy.”

Sullivan felt both relieved and yet bothered. He had this “feeling” about certain life circumstances and he was often right about unnatural deaths. He decided to question the husband, Archibald, in the library.

Thirty minutes later, Dr. Quinlan was getting ready to leave. He had finished whatever initial paperwork that needed to be done so the coroner’s office could soon take the deceased. He wished to say goodbye to inspector Sullivan and proceeded towards the library. Quinlan was stunned to see the good Inspector leaning against a bookcase almost passing out as Archibald was speaking to him. Quinlan rushed over to him to make sure he wasn’t going to fall and hit the marble floor.

“Sullivan! My dear boy, are you ok? Wake up! ” he said this as he started to shake his shoulder. Sullivan stood straight up rather abruptly and shook his head.

“Q? I’m fine…just interviewing Mr. Lyons here. He was just telling me some things about his life that might shed some light on this quite sad incident. But, we were just finishing up. Let’s go, it’s time to head back to the precinct”

Sullivan and Quinlan walked down the steps of the Lyon’s estate which led down to a rather long paved driveway.

“What happened back there, Sullivan?” Quinlan curiously asked as the two them walked down to there vehicles. Sullivan stopped short and looked back at the mansion. The county coroner’s office had finally arrived and two medics were taking the covered up body of Ashley Marie out to their wagon.

“Q…for thirty straight minutes, I listened to Archibald Lyons talk about his extensive knowledge of how spools of thread are made in most factories, how he preferred to play Gin Rummy with Ashley when she wanted sex and what type of glue is used on envelopes depending upon what country their made in. I’m ruling this case as involuntary manslaughter”.

Quinlan’s eyes widened with disbelief. He had known that Sullivan was pretty dead-on with his hunches but, there really was no evidence of a crime this time around.

“Sullivan..Sometimes, I wonder about you. How pray tell, is this a case of involuntary manslaughter?”

Sullivan smiled. His face about to reveal his little discovery.

“I was almost a victim myself back there. My chat with Archibald basically revealed to me that his wife, the victim Ashley Marie….simply died of boredom.”


A week later, an autopsy was performed on Ashley Marie Lyons. The autopsy had discovered that she actually had a rare undiagnosed congenital heart condition which led to her death.

However, this didn’t explain the death of Rita Marie Bindi that occurred roughly a year later again at the Lyons estate. Miss Bindi, a former exotic dancer had gotten engaged to Archibald Lyons six months after his first wife had passed. Rita’s body was found the same way as Ashley Marie. But, in this instance Archibald unfortunately got to witness his latest partner die right in front of him. He went on to explain that he was merely showing off his latest collection of imported pieces of cabinet hardware and Rita just passed away. She was wearing a black see through nightgown and looked to be about ready to have a night of romance. Cabinet hardware presumably was not her priority for that evening.


This short was inspired by the 3 things challenge words: Poison,Noose, Inheritance

A Pie that was Tried~#3tc #rhyme #themagicshop


The yearly event that brought fun everywhere

It was time once again for the State county fair

There are musical acts and food stands galore

Games to win prizes and a funhouse to explore

Exciting thrill rides with names like Cobra and Wipe-out

That spin from great heights and make youngsters give a shout

But to some it means more than just good country fun

Some people enter contests with a goal to be won

Like Mrs.Pearl Johnson who mastered the art of pie making

Every year a blue ribbon was always hers for the taking

Tom Cooper’s prize livestock always drew a big crowd

Especially his geese in which he was quite proud

There were entries in tents from groomed bunnies to sweet fudges

That were all left alone just awaiting for judges

It was time to start choosing as the committee made its rounds

Picking all different winners throughout the fairgrounds

Suddenly a shriek came out of thin air

It wasn’t of fun that’s often heard at the fair

A large crowd of people ran over to see what caused such a cry

This scream of pure terror came from the tent with the pies

Everyone ran quickly and entered the tent

To see Mrs. Sullivan there looking like she had wept

On top of the table with its tail feather held high

Sat Tom Cooper’s goose covered in cherry pie

Seems he escaped from the tent in the back

Then waddled on over to enjoy this new snack

Some giggles broke out from a few kids in the crowd

Then Mrs.Sullivan joined in with her laughs being loud

A lesson was learned from this bird on the loose

Always checked a locked cage to keep your pie free of a goose


This piece was inspired by the 3 thing challenge words: cobra, goose, cherry pie