A Nod to her Blog~#rhyme #MwsR #themagicshop

Since I’ve joined this world of online creative writing, I’ve been introduced to so many talented artists. One of them is MWS. Her blog is fun and her poetry quite touching. The only way I can express my appreciation of another artist is by writing about them, of course. Thanks, MWS!

I discovered a lady with a wonderful smile,

She is known to write poetry in a beautiful style.

Her blog often has some lyrics to sing,

Recipes to try out if cooking’s your thing.

Acts of kindness she often points out,

This achievement of hers deserves its own happy shout!

An animal lover of all beasts great and small,

Doodles of hearts are her favorite to scrawl.

She also enjoys the simplicity of life

Expressing her passion in all that she writes


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