Take this Day ~#rhyme #self-esteem #themagicshop

Morning glory has made it here,

Another chance to face your fears

Pull back the sheets to leave your bed,

Give a yawn to wake the dead

Stomp your feet upon the ground,

Wake your body with thunderous sound

Stand up tall and breathe in the air,

Grab a brush to go fix your hair

Find a mirror to check your face,

Make sure your smile is in its place

Check your heart and love its beat,

Then go find shoes for your feet

Your almost ready to conquer the day

To get through each hour in any way

Your self-worth is a state of mind,

Remind yourself that your one of a kind

It’s time to leave to go it alone,

Just don’t forget to grab your phone

You’re ready now time to begin,

Tomorrow will come and you’ll do all this again

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