Easy street~#AugustWriting #rhyme #themagicshop

He had no job and he had no career, He spent his last dollar and now he was here.

The last ball had dropped and he gave out a scream, His numbers were picked as if in a dream.

Easy street had arrived for this luckiest of guys, Why couldn’t it be me I’ll never know why.

It’s a place with no bills and no outstanding debt, this was his new home because of a bet.

A good life for him was finally here, then he dumped his whole family the one that was dear.

So he lived all alone in this decadent life, never wanting old friends or even his wife.

I never may live that life that he’s won, But I’d rather be liked by the people I love.

I’d rather be happy with a life of hard work,  instead of in misery like that selfish mean jerk.

August Writing Prompt- Easy Street-Day 21/31

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