Simply Them~#poetry #love #themagicshop


She needed his quirkiness

Tired of packaged creeps

A show of losers on repeat play

Juliet knew it in act two

She knew it from his pizza topping

He needed her normalcy

Bored of the perpetual flakes

A parade of the basically insane

Han knew it in episode five

He knew it from her sincerity

She was a solid print

He was a colorful design

A woman of substance

A man of dreams

Mismatched pieces that pleasantly connect

They opened doors for each other

Worlds of wonder for her to visit

A lesson in stability for him to walk through

Learning and laughing in each other’s arms

A story they enjoy writing together

Steady as a rock

Light as a cloud

Defying the statistics

They have in each other what the world wishes for

Two souls who love the other one in all of their uniqueness-simply.