Karma’s Chat~#AugustWriting #poetry #themagicshop


Another morning and another list

Check the names, dream the traps

Such fulfillment from my work

Let’s start easy with the adulterer

He left his wife for this young flavor

I’ll lay the new model with his neighbor

Bedroom doorway, front row center

A warranted sight for this cheat

Up on deck, a greedy sloth

Corporate head, stolen wealth

Laborers cut, pensions vanished

They stretch a dime, He burns a Benjamin

I’ll place a call and end it all

Uncle Sam should visit this neglectful evader

More names pop up everyday

Endless lessons to be taught

Treat people wrong, I need my job

My quest for comeuppance is such a joy…

August Writing Prompt-Karma’s quest for comeuppance-Day 14/31