Natures Reflection~#poetry #AugustWriting #themagicshop


Branches dig deep

Actions take root

Grass spreads out

Families grow up

Birds soar higher

Youth seeks adventure

Flow of a river

Stream of emotions

A limitless sky

Our endless dreams

Layers of earth

Levels of reasoning

Force of a wind

Passion blows you away

Nature’s reflection

Humanities perception

August Writing Prompt-Natures reflection–Day 10/31

Shy~#poetry #love #themagicshop


He would take it all at her side

Ignorant judgments

Whispers of confusion

This was the world she walked in

Her shyness labeled her

A shell of quiet muffling the internal scream

A womans chant restrained

Tears until acceptance

He step forward and lifted the mask

Whispered to her whisper

Discovered her beauty

Her cries of solitude now vanished