Jupiter Glow~#poetry #AugustWriting #themagicshop

This box lights up our darkened room once again.

My brothers flank me,  all of us uniformed in pajamas.

Three of us sitting in the then acceptably called “Indian style”.

A smell of freshly popped corn fills the air and soon quiets my hunger.

The clicking of plastic turning stops at our destination.

My mom sits on the couch,  a steady gaze of protection on all three of us.

I feel my shoulder get a  punch of love by my middle brother.

He soon pays the price with a stern warning.

It’s almost time to leave this place.

It begins,  our transportation has arrived.

Childhood gets propelled into new dimensions.

Suddenly our living room is engulfed in stars.

My eyes widen with anticipation for an unknown tale.

A dangerous planet or a mysterious alien.

Then I see my ship, spinning me away from sixties suburbia.

My dreams are alive in that Jupiter Glow.


August Writing Prompt- Jupiter Glow-Day 6/31

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