Nantucket Breeze~#poetry #AugustWriting #love #themagicshop


The sand remained the same.

Years had passed between these days.

He had returned here to go back.

She was always here at this place.

Today would be no different.

He once was a teen rebel without a clue.

Forced into family vacations.

It was beach of boredom until he saw her.

Gawky and shy with eyes that amazed him.

She too felt like a paternal prisoner.

They were awoken by new feelings.

Restless spirits calmed by the comfort of each other’s presence

The details of that summer would be burned into his psyche.

He stands here now, back in that time for just a moment.

The oceans still roaring their song even now.

A whisper of wind engulfs him, the way it did once before.

She silently approaches him from behind and takes his hand.

Older eyes still excite him.

That day has returned along with their passion.

The Nantucket breeze surrounds them as their love is discovered once again.

August Writing Prompt- Nantucket Breeze-Day 4/31