Spoken To~#shortfiction #faith #themagicshop


Tracy laid in bed staring up at the slight glow that just appeared on her ceiling. Her eyes were wide open, transfixed on the spot. It took her a few minutes to realize that she wasn’t dreaming any of this. Yet, she felt this overwhelming sense of disconnection from reality. Her room was completely dark less than five minutes earlier. It was the middle of the night and she was suffering from her usual insomnia. The lack of sleep was just one of the many repercussions of what was going on in her life at the moment. Almost every day in her life for about the last month, there was news of some family tragedy, a challenging of her beliefs and the slow erosion of her own self-worth. To say life had been difficult for Tracy Saunders recently was an understatement. She was never really one for any type of “organized religion” and really felt no need to seek out the guidance of anyone at her local church. Still, she did always maintain an inner and quiet faith in things she couldn’t comprehend. She always felt that there was “someone up there” but not really clear as to who or what they were. Tonight before she got under her blanket hours earlier, she merely looked up in the sky and asked simply out of desperation “Why?” Now, here she was in the middle of the night staring up at a spot.

“Well, I’m here. I’ve always been here. That’s the first thing you need to be aware of” A voice that spoke from the glow on her ceiling was of a man. An elder one at first, then it changed into that of young teenager. Tracy continued to lay there listening to the glow. She was afraid to move at first and then felt this warmth inside her.

“The next thing you need to know, and this has been written and spoken millions of times over many years” the voice was now that of a soft-spoken woman.

“But, it really is true and deserves to be repeated. There really IS A PLAN to all that’s going on around you” As those last set of set of words came out, they changed again to that of a confident African american man.

Tracy felt her eyes start to well up. She realized that she hadn’t blinked once since the glow appeared on her ceiling.

“All of what’s happening to you and to all those in your world, are all connected to eventually show you a finished piece”. This time starting out as a latino woman then deepening to a voice of a man with special needs.

The rest of the house was silent. Tracy expected someone, especially her son to burst into the room frantic with curiosity. But, no one did come in. She laid there completely still as the voice continued. The glow on the ceiling was starting to dim and get smaller.

“Some pieces are difficult to handle and seem like they don’t belong. Those pieces are equally important as the simplest of acts”. A young girl spoke first, then an elderly man of Asian descent finished.

“The finished plan is what matters. And all that you see, all that you feel from whatever is in front of you have been created for you to do merely one thing for now in this world”. The voice went through a variety of dialects, nationalities and genders.

“The one thing is I ask, is that you continue to live this life and witness all the pieces of the plan be put together. That’s it. I want you to live, live through it all The spot on the ceiling was as small as a dime now on Tracy’s ceiling. Finally, she sat up from her pillow never staring away from the spot. She quietly raised her voice.

“WAIT! Who are you? Are you..well..” she hesitated.

The bright spot glowed one last time and with it familiar voices spoke for the last time.

“I am whoever you need me to be to get you through it all”.

Tracy recognized the voices immediately. The first was of her Mother who passed away eleven years ago. The second voice was of one that Tracy heard every day, her own.

Tracy’s bedroom was now completely dark except for the glow of the moon outside her window.   She reached over to the tissue box on her nightstand, grabbed a handful and held them against her moist eyes.   She sat there upright in her bed for a few more minutes crying first, then finding a smile that she had lost recently.   She then laid down and fell into a deep,  long overdue night of peaceful sleep.

Lone~#poetry #themagicshop


You are always alone.

Crowded rooms feel empty.

Inner pain keeps ones distant.

Solitude echoes within you.

Do they know the rising darkness?

To not connect, to be hollow.

A highwire that you balance on alone.

The silence of suffering.

Claims of love slip off your skin.

Only the air of desolation is breathed in.

Your loneliness never erased.

A search that never fulfills.

All we can do~#poetry #themagicshop


A hug and some comfort.

That’s all we can give.

Events in chaos render us immoble.

Open arms deliver stability.

An embrace towards healing.

A gaze and compassion.

That’s all we can see.

Oblivious to one’s hurdles.

View them differently, witness their path.

Perspective ignites tolerance.

A voice and acceptance.

That’s all we can say.

Simple words to the lost.

Speak to their soul.

Echo their cries, shatter their solitude.

Sometimes, that’s all we can do.

Give a moment~#poetry #themagicshop


Buy a cop a coffee.

Facing the unexpected throughout their day.

Will you face danger at work?

Silent blue knights protecting your kingdom.

Their service is worth your two dollars.

Thank a soldier.

Strangers fighting for strangers.

Will you take risks at your job?

They ask for nothing protecting the dream.

A simple gesture tells them it’s worth it.

Acknowledge the medicinal.

The ones who have “save lives” on their resume.

Will you work in blood today?

Show them overlooked respect.

They preserve God’s miracle.

Fantastic~#shortfiction #themagicshop


“Good Morning! How ya doing today?” Amanda said to Martin as he entered the KWIK-STOP store half asleep at six thirty in the morning.

“Hanging in, you?”  He muttered back to her.   She looked up from a tray of a dozen breakfast sandwiches that she was preparing and said with genuine glee,


He smiled back at her and proceeded to pour himself his daily cup of coffee.

“Fantastic? She really feels this way?”  He thought to himself.

A week previous,  Martin had talked to new employee Amanda one morning when the store was slow.  He found out that she drives an hour to work every morning because of the lack of full-time jobs in her area.   She also had a two-year old daughter named “Jessica”.   Eighteen months ago,  Jessica’s father took a trip to go get cigarettes one night and that was the last time Amanda ever saw him.   An older sister of  Amanda helped out with Jessica whenever she could.   But,  Amanda would have to pick up the sister whenever she needed her help. Another DUI had taken away the sister’s license for good this time last spring.  She was now in a program  dealing with her demons in the bottle. Amanda’s rent was cheap but the place was small and needed work.   Work that the landlord ignored,  especially if the tenants were behind on their rent.   Amanda found this out the hard way two days ago when there was no heat one freezing morning.  The KWIK-MART gig was the only thing she could find with her limited education and skills.   A job that paid the bills and that’s about it.   No vacation,  no extravagances and no social life whatsoever.

A yawn like a lion brought him back to the present, stirring his coffee.   He grabbed a package of mini chocolate donuts on his way up to the register to pay.

Amanda approached the register and started to scan the items.

“These donuts are goooood,  I had them yesterday!”  she looked back down at the register and started to tap some buttons.

“Well, its just a little treat for today.   I usually don’t have them” He said almost defending his decision to buy them.

Amanda looked up at him.   “They were my lunch yesterday and they hit the spot!” She smiled at him and showed off her blue eyes.  Eyes that were clear and full of promise.

He paid Amanda and started to leave.   “Have a good day,Amanda” he said back to her.

She smiled even wider.  “My day is already Fantastic! Thanks, you too!”  Amanda then went back to making dozens of sandwiches for other people to eat for their lunches.

He stood outside the store.   It was now 6:40 am and the sun had just risen.  He was still trying to wake up and get ready for his dreary day of employment.   His commute took only ten minutes but then the day would feel like years again,  sitting at a desk and staring at a computer screen. He looked back inside back at Amanda who was now trying to fill up a bunch of heavy carafes with fresh coffee. She moved quickly and determined.  She had the pace of someone who was never going to let anyone or anything beat her.

The pace of someone fantastic.

Seize~#poetry #themagicshop


Hit the ground, go to war.

Find a way to beat the day.

Aim to fire and take your shot.

Use your skills to take the hill.

No surrender, no retreat.

This life is yours to explore.

Build a kingdom for you to rule.

Where your choices run free with no misery.

The world will spin forgetting your needs.

Choose the balls you wish to juggle.

Seek that battle for you to win.

Your inner peace is worth this fight.

Same~#poetry #themagicshop


I see nothing different.

Not black or women.

Simply people around me.

Outer shells are merely birthright.

Look past the surface, discover their soul.

Respect the total package.

I hear nothing different.

Just thoughts attempting escape.

Their broken voices trapped by unsolicited gifts.

Listen for connection.

They wish only to be heard.

Don’t you want the same?

I feel nothing different.

No judgement cast down.

A reflex of acceptance.

Change the ingrained, embrace the new.

They are who they love to be.

Honour their chosen roles.

I am nothing different.

Our similarities go unnoticed.

We breath, we think.

Why question anything else?

Rise above the typical.

Question the trend.

Embrace your given compassion.

Take a minute~#poetry #Life #themagicshop


Shadowtime has ended.

Breathe in the present.

Listen for the overlooked.

The day surrounds you again.

But, something gets lost.

It’s still there, just unnoticed.

The wonder of now, the magic of being.

Your routines however bury its facts.

Its effect gets weakened by the mundane.

Take a break, stop the race.

Look down at where you were.

Glance up at your destiny.

Embrace the gift.

Your heart beats, your senses ignite.

The realization of life must be acknowledged for its wonder.

Find that minute to do this.

Stop your acts and experience the forgotten miracle.

The existence of us all.

Thirst~#poetry #love #themagicshop


Only an empty echo remained within her.

Then he flowed into her life.

His wave was strong and endless.

She kept her heart hidden, still leaking from fresh cracks.

But, the drowning from him was inevitable.

A selfless woman who lived for others.

Generosity nourished her.

But, too many men depleted her spirit.

A final bucket emptied her for good.

She would let no one drink again.

Then he entered her life.

He cared to quench her thirst alone.

A love that overflowed her.

Her emotional well was full again.

She welcomed his hand and went to drink for herself this time.

Willie’s Request~#shortfiction #themagicshop


“You’re just going to keep walking by aren’t you, Jackass?”

Thomas Shaw turned around to see who had just said that to him. His first reaction was anger, followed up by surprise when he saw that no one was standing there. He stood there in the toy aisle at the local ‘MEGA-MART’ completely alone. He shrugged, chalked it up to the exhaustion of his late overworked hours and turned back around to continue his walk through the aisle towards the next department over, which was office supplies.

“Yea..go ahead. Keep moving, I don’t need ya anyway. I’ll just get someone else to do it”.

This time, Shaw spun around even faster this time definitely knowing for sure he heard someone. Again, he stood alone in the aisle.

“Hey Genius, look over here. Up and towards your right”.

Shaw looked over to his right at a display of inexpensive rack toys. Various different clear bags of plastic army men and jungle animals hung there alongside bags of marbles, pretend money, eggs of sculpting putty. Hanging right in the middle towards the top was one ‘Wooly Willy’ magic magnetic drawing pad. Shaw remembered having one of these as a kid. He would play with it on rainy summer days or in the back of his parent’s station wagon on long trips. Seeing it hanging there brought back these innocent memories from youth and he gave a slight smile. Then, Wooly Willy looked directly into Shaw’s eyes and began to talk.

“What are you smiling for?” His once still-drawn mouth was now moving and his eyes now changed into a look of anger.

Shaw gasped as he stumbled back in the aisle. Wooly Willy looked at him and blinked a few times. This is a joke or some YouTube gag, Shaw thought. He then looked around his surroundings for any type of sign that he was being pranked. He was still alone, standing quietly in the aisle.

“Yea, I know. You think you’re going nuts or someone is messing with ya.” Willy continued to talk. The absurdity of the situation had immobilized Shaw.

“Well, it’s neither. I’m talking to you and ya better listen”.

An old man who worked at the store shuffled past the aisle, not even looking down at Shaw.

“I need ya to do me a favor” Willie’s voice continued on “I need you to tell whatever bunch of idiots that are still making me…that they need to STOP.”

A woman and her toddler daughter walked past the aisle. The daughter muttering something about “Minecraft”. Shaw glanced at them in a moment of fear, then looked back at Willy. This moment for Shaw had now gone way beyond surreal.

“The thing is pal, no one is buying me anymore. I’ve been around since 1955. In your new super fancy, world of hi- tech gizmos no one wants to put a bunch of magnetic sand on me for fun, ya get it?”

Shaw for whatever reason,  found himself nodding in agreement to this inanimate yet well spoken toy.

“Don’t get me wrong, I love to have a kid putting that stuff on my face”.   Willie’s eyes glanced down at the pile of magnetic sand that was at the bottom of the plastic container. “Me personally, I’m a fan of the top hat and goatee wardrobe combo.   No one has dressed me in that for years.   Why would any kid want to?  Given the choice between me or some digital crap that could amuse them faster and easier with no thought,  I’m gonna get my ass kicked in that grudge-match every time”.

Willie’s expression changed to mild sadness after he said that, then it changed back to one of determination.

” Contact this toy company,  the one that makes ALL OF ME.  Do some research, Google it or whatever the Hell you people do nowadays.   Tell this company to stop wasting their time and life in making me.   My time has passed and I’m just done”.

Shaw watched as Willie’s face morphed back into its original still face.  The conversation was now over.

A family of four walked down the adjoining aisle and made a left towards right before Shaw’s aisle started.  He knew that the aisle that they were heading too had all the gift cards for online app purchases.

Shaw reached up and pulled the Wooly Willy off the hook.   He looked at its face, which was still not moving.

“You know, Willie. I could use you around my office”. Shaw said quietly to himself. “Nothing like a little childhood doodling to take care of some stress”.

Shaw started to walk away from the display holding Willy.   Shaw looked down at him once again.

“Hey thanks for buying me,  I appreciate it and all” Willy said with a slight smile. “But, I still think they ought a stop making me. What amusement could I give anybody?”

Shaw knew the answer to this but,  kept it to himself.   He knew that a  little toy from a simpler time would bring him a small bit of joy to his constant,  stressful world of adulthood.

Shaw checked-out with his purchase, got in his car and headed back to the office.

Wooly Willy would be dressed in that top-hat and goatee ensemble once again much to his delight.


Weep Within~#poetry #themagicshop



Her tears never flow.

Night rises and she is raw again.

The shadows of solitude arrive.

Internal feelings float to the surface.

She is always alone.

Her truest desire will never be granted.

To connect with one, to be complete.

Appeasement for others, this is her gift.

Her milestone arrived, an inevitable day.

Wiser but stagnant, focused but immobile.

She still waits for that kindred heart.

The weeping remains within her until that time arrives.


Gettysburg~ #shortfiction #themagicshop



He felt the serenity of it all as looked out across the countryside. Hundreds of acres sprawled out far beyond one’s gaze. It was probably one of the most beautiful sights he had ever seen. A landscape completely uncluttered of mini-malls and coffee shops. The purest example of God’s artistry.

Many yesterdays ago in another time, this place was different. For three continuous days these acres were soaked in blood. A war among neighbors had come to this place. Men fought each other for reasons that were commanded into their soul. Friends were reduced to heartless targets to destroy. The innocence of a man’s youth was darkened on the battlefield. Killing became part of their daily routine, a regime without thought. Thousands came here to this land of life and died fighting to protect it.

The tour guide never stopped rattling off the grisly facts about this event, its carnage now over a hundred years ago. Some cars drove by alongside the group, speeding past the monuments erected to the dead. The driver’s focused on desitinations that they’ll live long enough to see.

A teenage boy from the group complains about the lack of wi-fi in the area. He never lifts his head awy from his phone to acknowledge the history around him. This same land that once had another teenage boy cry out. This boy would lay out in a humid field on a July day, his clothes soaked in blood. The cries for help eventually being silenced by death’s notice.

The peace of the land was now here today. Lingering are the souls of the men who fought here, their screams of war never silenced by the peace they fought for.