Endless Escape ~#poetry #TheMagicShop


These places were always here for him.

Worlds that offered him comfort.

Astonishing journeys that kept him alive.

The pains of reality pushes him through these doorways of wonder.


Here he was a voyager.

On a starship out among the stars.

Encountering unknown worlds and strange beings.

His curiosity of the universe assimilates his sadness.


Here he was a witness.

Unspeakable horrors surround their victims.

Things that go bump or slash in the dead of night.

The adrenaline of fear buries his anguished thoughts.


Here he was beyond human.

Clouds drift over his crimson cape as he flies above us.

He stops the acts of evil,  while defending the innocent.

He is gifted with an invulnerability from the power of his depression.


Here he is a slayer.

The eyes of a dragon hungrily gaze on his flesh.

Mountains of treasure smother the smell of brimstone.

He has an inner courage that withstands his dungeon of solitude.


Only the fantastic gives him serenity.

Living in opposites,  feeling wanted and loved.

Everyday pains are forgotten here.

A peace he can only have when he is here, The endless escape.

Neutral~#poetry #TheMagicShop


I call myself nothing.

My chosen disguise.

Categorize me no more.

An anonymous independence.

You’ve passed judgement to induce control.

Neglected your compassion.

Ignored your decency.

My expectations vanished.

I’ve now removed myself from this equation.

This system of filing outdated.

I’ll claim to be nothing, if you deny my identity.

Your grasp on the new eludes you.

Claims of neutrality fueled by stupidity.

I call myself nothing and deny your empowerment.

We are both people of flesh and spirit.

I will wait until I am known as what I am, myself.

The Whispering Scream~#poetry #TheMagicShop


Can you feel It?

Listen It’s there, the reason.

Its merely a whisper now, barely audible.

Block it out and sink into your plan.

It’s easier to muffle it.

Shun it’s plea of reasoning.

It’s potency is strong.

This rationale of life.

You stand on that fine line between why and why not.

The latter invites you.

A comforting embrace into finality.

That timid voice grows even stronger.

You still wait for that push into oblivion.

But, the inner cries can no longer be silenced.

This whisper now mutes the scream.

You stand and are now ready to listen to the words that the survivor speaks in your soul.