Wardrobe~#love #poetry #TheMagicShop


What kind of love do you wear?

Is it that morning text with its designated tone?

From its sound comes your smile.

The first ones who appreciate you.

A Reassurance in simplicity.

Maybe its that instinctive gaze of passion at a moment’s notice?

Simultaneous thoughts for you both to undress.

Embracing the desire and becoming one on the couch.

The sheets await their turn later.

Is it that minute given just to listen?

The day has beaten you down.

Thirteen rounds with Reality.

A comfort is waiting for you in your corner with their attention.

Many outfits worn around the one who likes them all.

A wardrobe that you hoped for someday.

The one where everything fits and never goes out style.

This is true love in all of its guises.