The Void of White~#poetry #TheMagicShop


This white abyss engulfs me.

I’m staring at its power.

Immobilized by drought.

My mind goes nowhere in its grip.

I cannot get past this terrain and yet, I created it.

Look for tools to climb out.

God’s breath blows through the trees ahead of me.

A road made immortal by the sweat of a man’s labors.

Some monster roars past me to conquer its trips.

Did these things do it?

I look down again, the void has grown smaller.

This gives me an elusive hope.

I now want to cover its every spot.

Listen for escape routes.

The melody of gossiping birds.

A hungry machine mows its green breakfast.

Feet slamming down on the earth as a warrior runs by.

I am almost out, keep climbing.

An aroma of the freedom that others lack fills my lungs.

This day ignited me.

My previous night’s emptiness has been filled.

The night owl’ s song sang out to me.

I am a prisoner no more of this incapacitation.

A Morning Fire burned away this emptiness.

I’m now reborn with wings spread open, this endless white conquered.

This DayHawk has flown again.